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What Is Your Latest Dvd

Del Boy

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Band of Brothers, which I got for Christmas. Yay yay yay yay yay.

Makes me cry like a girl and I think it's brilliant, easily one of the best thing's I've ever seen.

Got this two years ago, great big freckin dent in the tin.

Only watched it once when I first had it, it's great, the price it is now everyone must have it.

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To Jigger_Jay and Dork Knight

It was £25 + delivery from amazon.de

The box set was only released in Germany for some unknown reasons. All the discs are the English region 2 pressings, the only thing German are the covers on the DVD's which can be replaced easily with the internet.

I don't know how much delivery was as i got it for christmas. I pointed it out randomly two weeks before hand so i never even thought about getting it.

It looks ace in real life too.

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i picked up al murrey's and wine for the ladies, bill baileys part troll, trainspotting difinite edition and jay and scilent bob strikes back

all for about £36 in the sales

Part Troll is on Channel 4 tonight.

I've not seen another thread about it, so thought I'd mention it in this thread for anyone that hasn't bought it for silly money already... ;)

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Collateral- Great, Cruise is fantastic and

Click For Spoiler
I was so wanting him to "win" or whatever at the end ;)

Dawn of the dead 2004, Director's cut or uncut edition or something - Really good thrill ride, nowhere near as good as the proper Dawn of the dead, but groovy all the same.

Lost Highway - Not as fucked up as I was lead to believe, but stylish and full to the brim with unease, so yeah cool.

Blue Velvet - Lovely, not as good as Lost Highway but I was interrupted half way through so it needs another watch before I can properly judge.

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