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Car Boots 31st October


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Didn't go to the morning ones as I went to a Halloween barn dance last night :D

Did make it to a mid-morning affair. Very small. Just one unboxed N64 and 15 games for £40. passed it up.

Was going to hit the afternoon one, but it has finished for until next March.

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Turned up later than usual, as my son decided to get up at 5.30am on Saturday morning and I fancied a little lie in (till 8 anyway).

Boxed Megadrive Master System converter with instructions


Boxed Megadrive with instructions and 2 controllers

Sonic 1&2 complete

Rambo 3 complete

Alien 3 complete


Bag full of Megadrive Carts (about 19)

Including –

Toejam & Earl

Streets of Rage 1 & 2

Virtua Racing


Boxed and in Mint condition Atari 2600

Donkey Kong cart

32 in 1 cart

Pitfall cart

Smurfs cart

£5 :(

Dance UK PS2 boxed and mint with boxed dance mat (for the GF, who incidentally doesn’t want it)

£8 <_<

Monopoly and Who Wants to be a Millionaire V2 PS1 games both in perfect condition.


I also saw a Sega Saturn with a bunch of games that some fella got to before me, don’t know how much he paid. Also saw someone with literally a crate full of NES games and bits ‘n’ bobs, I beat him to the Megadrive games by a Whisker and left him to haggle over an N64 FOR £25. :unsure:

It was the biggest I have seen It for a while and I don’t think I did to bad.

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Got the following:



Mega Drive II / Mega CD II with about 10 games - £20 (don't think this was much of a bargain but there was nothing else to be found at the sale and money was burning a hole in my pocket)



Unboxed Amiga A1200 with 1Gb hard drive and a copy of Sensible Soccer - £10

Pretty poor really, but then again I did get to both 'boots late.


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