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Del Boy

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I am not a big collector of games (always swapped them or sold them off when I was bored off them when I was younger - so it's a bit of luck emulation and eBay came along really), but I've managed to hang on to a few things which I quite like as objects as well as bits of software.

Card Fighters Clash: I bought CFC second hand from CEX (with someone's 98% savegame on it, which I wiped and started from scratch, of course) and racked up 200 hours on it. I feel like I should sell it on and let someone else do the same.

Starship Titanic: A nice package (with obvious allusions to the old Infocom games with 'feelies'), and my copy is signed by Douglas Adams. The game (well, more like software toy really) is pretty decent too, in its way.

Xenon 2: Bought when it had already gone to budget (maybe around 1992?), but the shop gave me the slightly-scuffed full price packaging. Probably the first inkling that I had that games could be 'cool' (this being when the Bitmaps were at the height of their fame + Bomb the Bass + it being the first game reviewed by Zero, in a style that now seems unremarkable but was pretty revelatory to someone who'd only ever seen garish two-colour YS reviews.) Um, bit of a tangent there. The game was pretty crap, in retrospect.

Centipede: (The IBM PC CGA freeware version) Received on an orange floppy disk from a shareware mail order company in the US circa 1987. It's a really good implementation of the game, and the original floppy still works (and has logged my high scores for the past 17 years).

Oh, I've got a copy of Faselei! as well.

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I wouldn't say these are my prized possessions but I have a soft spot for SWOS on the Amiga as well as FFVII and Gran Turismo on the PSX. I would guess that my most prized possesion (in terms of enjoyment, not rarity) would be my Japanese import of F355 Challenge on the Dreamcast.

I paid around £60 for that and spent an entire six months glued to it, no other racing game, except the original Gran Turismo, has held my attention for that long or engrossed me so much, and my preferred genre are racing games.

Sadly I no longer have a Dreamcast and so cannot run it, if only it could be ran on a PC, then I would be happy.

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You lot are evil men and women.

I love all my games equally, none are prized about others.

Except Hunter: Reckoning on the PS2. I bought it, and it's utter shit.

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I guess it'd be the copy of Tie Fighter (the floppy version, with the first expansion pack) I was given as a kid as a thank-you from the people I did my work experience with.

I think my copies of Fallout 1 and 2 should get a mention too, love them both.

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My copy of Raid Over Moscow still has the price tag on the cassette box. £9.99 from Lightning Records in Ruislip High Street! I could post a picture, but I don't know how to upload from my computer.

It says "Gripping arcade action", "Multiple scrolling screens", and "PLAY IT LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW!"

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