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The Beer Thread

Professor Rob

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I used to drink nothing but the creamiest of bitters, but recently discovered Grolsch, which is amazing. The nicest beer I've ever had.

I'm not much of a drinker anyway, usually preferring a nice cold glass of Sprite to a mug of ale, but I could drink Grolsch by the gallon.

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I don't really. I don't drink any lager to be honest. Not these days! I prefer bitter.

Yet that gives anyone a gut, so I do drink lager on occasion. It's great on a hot day.

It's hard to judge stuff on tap anyway. Best lager I've had was a fucking Fosters from some pub in London. It was PERFECT. It's all about the... things downstairs. Keggy thing, and pipes.

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Where do you make up all these names from? It's the same with music, gotta avoid the popular ones to make you look special.

Admit it, you all drink Carling 90% of the time!


My tastes in music are rather ordinary, but beer is one of the few things in life I'm snobby about.

Carling is wazz.

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My usual is a Tennents 80/-, I think they call it Ember or something. Creamy like you won't believe. Can't believe it's made in the same place as Super and Special.

But, really, you can't beat a pint Budvar. Makes the usual bog-water drivel folk call lager cower in the corner.

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