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What Next For Ps2

Salsa Party Animal

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Off topic slightly.....

I see Australia, Hong Kong and Paris are now featured in GT4.

Maybe i was wrong about that 100 track inclusion, although i might add that some of these 'tracks' feature drag races, so whether these occur on included tracks or actually make up the 100 is anyone's guess.

Two words.

Jade Empire.

Might i add Heavenly Creatures to that Xbox list.

That looks very nice, at least graphically. And the fights certainly look epic.

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Maybe a dud as entertainment, but Kill Zone deserves a mention for its technical achievements, it really pushes the PS2 pretty far. The art direction ain original and it's not directly beautiful but is is technically superior to most games released on the PS2.

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I mean on GC apart from Zelda, Resident Evil 4, and Killer 7 what there is to look forward for Gamceube in 2005.

DK Jungle Beat

Starfox Assault

Animal Crossing 2

Viewtiful Joe 2


Monkeyball 3 (probably multi-format)

Pilotwings (probably for Revolution tbh)

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personally there's almost too many good games coming out on ps2, more than I can afford anyway and once I do get through those I can go back and play the quitegoodbutnotbrilliant games like killzone. I really think some people find more enjoyment in moaning than actually playing games sometimes. I would type up a list of games but nobody reads them and doesn't prove anything. :unsure:

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Here are some of the titles I have on my radar for next year: (a few are multiformat)

Black - Criterion - Does for the FPS what Burnout did for the arcade racer.

Wanda & Colossus - Sony - Successor to Ico.

Okami - Clover Studios - Next year's Viewtiful Joe.

Cold Nine - Swordfish Studios - Superior story driven FPS.

Lego StarWars - Traveller's Tales - Sounds like too much fun to miss.

Shadow of Rome - Capcom - Next game from Keiji Inafune Mr Onimusha.

Gods of War - Sony - Next game from David Jaffe creator of Twisted Metal.

Demento - Capcom - New survival horror franchise.

24 - Sony - Tie-in to the hit TV series, from Cambridge Studio.

Nano Breaker - Konami - Koji Igarashi's new title, Mr Castlevania.

Stolen - Blue52 - Cat Burglar sim

Rise of Kasai - Sequel to Mark of Kri if anyone is interested.

Yoshinetsu Eiyuden - From Soft - New game from the Otogi team.

Armored Core Nine Breaker - From Soft - Major overhaul to franchise.

Death By Degress - Namco - Nina Williams' spin of game, could be good?

Not yet announced is the new title from Melbourne House (Transformers) which I'm sure will be another top title for next year.

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