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Not much, Jedi academy and Rogue Squadron 3 came through the mail today so maybe I'll take a go on those games. Probably rampaging Vice city a bit, since I don't have a PS2. Oh, and I'm thinking of revisiting Metroid Prime, but I can't be arsed to backtrack again.

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I'm on level 3 at the moment :)

Probably the most difficult level on Legendary that one. Sapped my will to play on for a long time after I'd finished that level.

I'll complete Halo 2 on Normal this weekend. That's all I have planned and the time for.

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I'm trying not to play too much FFXI. Didn't touch it last night, and only popped on to water my plants tonight. Will make an effort with shorter games this weekend:

Gradius V. I'm not playing it enough, and I just got myself onto stage 4. I reckon if I actually put some proper practise in I could clock it sometime soon.

Crimson Skies. Purchased, played briefly once, went back to FFXI. Unnacceptable!

Outrun 2. Also neglected in the wake of FFXI.

In fact, I should have various blasts on everything I've put to one side in favour of Vana'diel.

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I'm going to finish Paper Mario 2 if it kills me. I think I've got the same problem that JP had (at the last boss but getting bitch slapped). Back tracking is my best friend.

Apart from that, I've got a big pot of glee in which I'm rubbing my hands waiting for the expected delivery of Wario Ware Inc: Mega Party Games - GC.


Pissed up?

With friends that won't pick up a GBA?

Isn't it?


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I'm playing Pikmin 2 from swapgames.com at the minute, and I may or may not be recieveing san andreas from the tomorrow as well.

Damn you for reminding me about Pikmin 2.

Add that to this weekend's gaming.

And the Master System night me and a few stalwart chums are having on Sunday.

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Sly 2: Band of Thieves

I feel like I am the only person who actually bought this game last Friday. It is ace, much much better than the original and after playing a couple of hours a day for the last week or so I am very near the end and should hopefully complete it this weekend.

Once that is done I'll have a look through my other incomplete game and see what I can be getting on with before Paper Mario 2 is out. Probably MGS: Twin Snakes.

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Not much unfortunately, seeing as I'm working all weekend :P

Marawu: Made in Wario - Or Wario Ware Twist, or whatever you want to call it. It's fucking excellent, anyway- I'm enjoying it more than the original at the moment. Lots of fun! :D

Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader - After the disappointing piece of shit that was RS3 (which I bought on the false pretence that it would be better), I bought this in the week. I played the first stage and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I'll be playing it more at the weekend.

Luigi's Mansion - I have to go back to it to finish the final boss :)

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Wario Ware - I'm desparate to beat at least one of Calasnikov's high scores. I've got 250 on skating board, 227 on paper plane, and 99 on Jimmy. Grrrr. Brilliant, brilliant little time waster.

Halo - Giving it another run through on legendary, on the PC version.

Donkey Konga - Fired through all the chimp songs first time with golds (except 'busy child', grrr), only to be utterly overwhelmed by the gorrilla mode. Still, one down, loads to go. Great multiplayer laughs though.

Of course, If I had the money to actually buy new games, you could just score the above out and write Fable, San Andreas and Halo 2.

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Kingdom Under Fire - Top game, though bloody difficult. Nice to have an RTS-variant that actually rewards you for using proper tactics, instead of just rushing in.

Lineage II - Only got this last week, not played too much of it, but the controls are horribly clunky, and the interface isn't the nicest.

Lord of the Rings: The Third Age - Maybe, if I get any time. And so long as it isn't shit.

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Too many damn games. This weekend, it's:

GTA: San Andreas (PS2)

SEGA Superstars (PS2)

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door (GC)

Bomberman (probably MegaDrive version)

Not to mention stuff for work:

Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within (PS2)

Killzone (PS2)

The Matrix Online (PC... although thankfully, the beta is only active from 11pm until 5am so it won't eat into my 'proper' gaming time)

And yes, I do love my job. Even though I have to play Killzone. :)

Just ordered my copy of Metroid Prime 2 as well, which will be here a weekend Wednesday, and Half-Life 2 supposedly unlocks itself on my PC just before... like I said, too many games. Still, at least I won't have to buy any until next Christmas now.

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Frequency for me too. Trying to polish off the last two stage 4 levels on expert - the synth on Ronni Size is killing me though :)

Maybe a bit of San Andreas too, although I've been playing it so much that I can't sleep properly, so I may have to give it a rest. (I keep seeing waypoint markers and rotating maps in my head!)

Oh, and I'm right at the end of Metroid Fusion, so I should be able to finish that during a spare moment.

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