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I Bought Empire Today.


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Whether it's shite or not, Empire's a good indicator of where mainstream cinema's heading, and, er, there's lots to it. Hotdog's okay as well, and the shorts section is worth looking at while you're in Smiths.

Other than that, Sight and Sound and that quarterly mag that Faber & Faber publish all the way. Pity Cahiers du Cinema hasn't got an English edition...

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I buy pretty much all of the main movie mags.

I tend to find myself agreeing with Total Film's reviews as they get less caught up in the hype (e.g. Lost In Translation). They are not afraid to give what many perceive to be Film Of The Month, the review it deserves and they manage to do this without seeming controversial for the sake of it.

Saying that, I really dislike their tabloid style layout and design.

HotDog easily has the best features and articles but it isn't anywhere near as good as it was when it launched, when it more like Neon's (remember that?) worthy successor.

Empire has had its peaks and troughs over the years, more troughs though. There was a time about 7-8 years ago when it was awful (around the time Total Film launched). It probably has the best design work but editorial-wise, it often finds itself lacking.

Sight & Sound is very much the more highbrow read, very cerebral. The best read if you are into cinema as more an art form than a leisure pursuit. Great for articles on world cinema and not just what’s the current foreign trend (e.g. Japanese horror at the mo).

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HotDog easily has the best features and articles but it isn't anywhere near as good as it was when it launched, when it more like Neon's (remember that?) worthy successor.

Neon was the dog's.

"What's your favourite Chevy Chase film?"

"Hollywood's most influential stars No. 998,999 - Lou Diamond Philips"

"100 lines that never made it past the first draft"


They knew their shit and were funny so obviously no fucker bought it. :lol:

Their '100 movies you should see before you die' article should be movie journalism canon.

"With this engineering little wonder Poland fell in days" - Herbie goes Bananas

"Are you talking to me? Wait a second... that is me! I'm talking to myself! Better not do anything silly with these guns..." - Taxi driver

"Blimey, what's in the box? Is it a head?" - Se7en

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Empire is ok, their features are good but the reviews aren't great. Also their reader voted "top 100" lists are always terrible. Personally I prefer Total Film, their features are pretty good, and their reviews are much better than Empire's. Sight and Sound on the other hand is the most boring magazine I've ever read in my life.

I don't really buy film magazines anymore though. I get most of my reviews from Ebert's site(I've agreed with his reviews of most films I've seen). This is quite possibly very sad, but I don't actually read Eberts review of the movie until after I've seen it. I find he tends to give away a lot of the plot in his reviews so I like to read it after I've seen the movie to see what his thoughts on the movie were.

With regards to knowing which movies are supposed to be good when choosing which one to watch I usually just listen to recommendations from people I know and people on message boards..

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