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Halo 2 Live Players (now Updated With List)

Mr Ben

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Despite having Live for a year, I noticed I dont have anyone on my friends list. I only got Live originally for Capcom vs SNK 2, so didnt bother with the list as I didnt play much. Halo 2 will obviously change that.

Anyway, after trying to add kerraig UK and kryptonian to my list, and failing cos their lists are full, I got to thinking.

Wouldnt it be a good idea for people who dont have full friends lists to list their gamertags so that they could play against fellow RLLMUK'ers?

My list's empty, obviously, and my gamertag is in my sig. I'll make a list for ease of viewing too.

The list is shown like this (for those wondering) :

Forum name - Live! Gamertag

As of now the list is (in alphabetical order by username):

1812 - Mike1812

_E3_ - ECLiPSE Cubed

[shirubagan] - kerumba

AbZorba - AbZorba

Albert Fish - Mr Bulb

Andy_Tanner - tannerlad

angel - chococat

arhra - arhra

Ashur - Cled

ASM - Almonds

Backdrifter - atease

badgerpie - Badgerpie

Barnard - pbarnard

bobbyinternet - tbm123

Bojangle - Bojangle

Boozy The Clown - Boozy The Clown

Capp - Capp

cassidy - CassidyUK

Charles - CharlesL

cinabar - cinabar

cloudbt - cloudbt

Comrade - Comrade Al

Corleth the Fey - Corleth the Fey + Search forever

Cypher1 - BTP

daddyorchips - John DOH

Dalvado - Dalvado

dangerboy - raaah

Dave White - Dave White + Dj Lucky Strike

daveypauly - CommanderCnut

DavidB - DavidB

deepblue - DB66

Devdas - Devdas00

Disciple - Penguin Lad

Dr_M - Andy 2 the Max

duffyma - TheyCallMeDuffy

Dukesy - Dukesy + Giffer2

elmo - Drunken Elmo

Fondue - Fondue

footle - footle

Garwoofoo - Garwoofoo

Gaz - Gaz RW

geordie - geordie259

Gorf King - Sonatine

Graham_S - GrahamUK

grav0 - gravity0

Grooselog - Grooselog + Haribokart

Harlen Quinn - Harlen Quinn

Hass - Hass UK

Heidi - Mountainxaxa

Halonic - Halonic

Hoop - Idiot Talk

huw - Tasty Claw

Icebox - Lostfx


James_Pond - andrewknnewman

jcafarley - jcafarley

jiroczech - Jiroczech

Joffo_Cakes - joffocakes

Jonny5 - J0NNY5 (That's a zero, not an oh)

jonnyalpha - jonnyalpha

jon1 - gingerism

jrisgod - Jrisgod

JubJubBird - KidLawnMoe

Kamatari - Lord Kamatari

kitten - kitten uk

kryptonian - Kryptonian

Lazychu - Lazychu

linkster - Fables

Liquid Myth - Liquid Myth

Loony Jetman - Loony Jetman

Magoo - Blind Pugh

MalevolentPanda - MalevolentPanda

mechamonkey - MechaMonkey Mk2

Meh - laemusGT

Meerman - Meerman

mezzanine - boiled cabbage

Mk. - Muldoony

monkey. - BarkingMonkeyUK

MotiVater - MotiVater

MR_BEN - Mr Benn

mr.miffed - mr miffed

Mr-Monday - mr monday

Mr Spew - Mr Spew

murakami - Dan5678

murray - murray001

Nap0le0n - Nap0le0n

New York Mikey - Mike UK

nomenclature - rock it on

Nutcasey - Nutcasey

ObscureInjoke - Obscure Injoke

Paulando - PaulStation

Paradigm - enb

peve - peve

pledge - Pledgster

Pockets - Wuxtry

Poet - Poet MP

Pootle UK - Pochacco2kX

Popo - Captain Popo

Possibly God - Freelance Tramp

prototypemuffin - nicotinecourier

Prox - Prox

ptwizzy - ptwizzy

Rabasaurus - Rab Myself

Raze - Bob Affleck

Ren - Dolemite2k

Rizla - Rubicon Head

roberthazelby - roberthazelby

Rockboy - Rockboy

Rowan Morrison - vanthal

Ryan - Fnor

scottcr - Scott Russell

Seedy Gord - Supagordy

Seerow - Reerow

Shimmyhill - Shimmyhill

simongwynne - simonski

siread - Siread

sithlordx - sithlordx

Soap - Soap Distant

soralan - soralan mkII

spanx - spanx

Squirtle - Lemonsquirtle

starls - Starls

Stebbo - Stebbo

St Hubbins - St Hubbins

stiff_one - stiff one uk

Stifler - Stiflertime

SuperCat - SuperCat

superfunk - superhybrid

Swainy - Swainy

Syntax Error - Syntaxerror007

taiAtari - Atarian

Talisker - muddy uk

Terry Tate - Terry Tate

Tetchy - Tetchywayo

The Count - TheRavenKing

themomentbefore - themomentbefore

The Other One - The Other 0ne (second oh is a zero)

therearerules - therearerules

Thurrabred - Thurrabred

timdp - timdp


Twyford - FabledDodger

tyler - tylerUK

U-1 - U1 v2

Uncle Nasty - The Human Fly

Unlighty - Unlighty

utopastac - utopastac

Uxorious - Uxorious (List is full)

Uzion - Uzion

whizzo - whizzo24

will - Jess the cat

Wooldi - Wooldi

I'll add as more people post, so join up people :wub:

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i'll have a bit of that, although i'm not signed up to live yet. i'll be picking it up tomorrow morning with my copy of halo2 :wub:

i'll pop back in here when i've got it sorted.

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I need a new gamertag because my one expired so long ago, its in quarantine apparently.

It'll probably be "stiff one uk" and seeing as how you can only play arranged matches (custom) against friends, then I would appreciate it if any players here (no matter how bad/good) could list their gamertags.

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add me then stiff one same goes for you Mr_Ben.

In fact I'll be hitting live some point Thurs after a few decent hours of Singleplayer play.

Us Welsh have to stick together Ben old chap. Especially on Live, if only to confuse the Americans :)

:( Indeed.


Lies. :D Cant add you as your list is full. Or will you be sorting it by Thursday? I tried to add you last night, and just now, btw.

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I won't you bastard.

You know why.



Now playing: Halo 2



I have been called both a cunt and a bastard in the past 2 days, just for playing Halo 2. Oh wait AND a prize fucker by Stroker aswell. This forum eh. Tssk.

You'll be on in under 11hrs stiff_one...

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