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Halo 2 Live Players (now Updated With List)

Mr Ben

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This should be called, "Halo 2 Live players list". And it should be in alphabetical order.[/nag]

Anyway, Liquid Myth is my gamertag.

I'll do it alphabetically in a bit. And rename the topic.

Edit: Done

Any chance a mod could sticky this perhaps? Just a thought.

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I've not been on Live for months aside from a brief test to see it's working by connecting to the Lobby yesterday. Therefore, my list is, although near full (I've deleted hundreds of names in my time - back when I had a few months off work and Love just came out - GOOD TIMES!), in need of pruning.

Add me if you want to, and know me enough for me to at least not ask "Who the fuck are you?".

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