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Ridge Racers Videos


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.::: You'll need WMP.

Seaside Route 765

Crimsonrock Pass

Greenpeak Highlands

R:Racing has been forgiven... And can somebody pass me that drool-bucket?

[edit] Urgh for some reason the board f*cks up the URLs, here they are in plain.




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The videos look fantastic and it looks like a joy to play. That 3rd vid reminded me of the spin challeneges I'd do in the original, was anyone else doing that (you to take each corner with a 360, it works especially great on the first 'S' bend)? And I hope that thing where you can build up speed though a powerslide is still there, was that some sort of glitch?

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I must admit that those video clips are rather impressive... but what happened to the commentator's voice? When he exclaims classic Ridge Racer lines such as "It's the final stretch --floor it!" he sounds like a parody of all past voice-overs in the previous games....

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OPTION: Voice on/OFF

indeed, but at least he aint strider from Crash FM eh! Was a little concerned about nitous but it looks like it fits well and the invert 360 is truelly a good sign that the original RR series handeling is intact... frankly it looks amazing it could be the best RR game ever! And hopefully will rekindle the brand. Definately the most impressive PSP game so far.



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This may be a hackned launch strategy, but Ridge Racer has sold me on the PSP. I have it on pre-order. Can't wait.

Same here, I have been suckered in.

Only ever 3 cars on screen you say? All the polygons gone into the car models you say? Will look crap in 1st person you say?

I don't care! Gimme!

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.::: Is there any confirmation that there are more than three tracks btw? Not that I'd mind, but I can hear the nay sayers-brigade sharpening their knives already.

In this day and age most gamers demand multiple tracks but I remember a time when 3 tracks did suffice, Sega Rally and Daytona on the Saturn springing to mind...

However the more the better with Ridge Racers. Let's hope they include the day/night cycle from the first game. Liked that bit a lot..........

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