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Metal Slugs Not Out Today?

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The XBox version was meant to be out but no one appears to have stock, it IS out on the PS2 and I picked up a copy at lunch time. I've emailed Simply games telling them to cancel my XBox preorder but havn't had a reply yet.

In my estimation I don't reckon we'll see Metal Slug Advance till December ;)

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I have the Xbox and Advance version on order...up until yesterday it said they were out on the 12th (today).

Now the Xbox is 15th and the Advance is 17th.

The question is, is this true or not? Play list it as "out now" (but have no stock)

Yep I noticed that last night whilst checking my pre-orders & posted it in the other Metal Slug thread. ;)

Tronix still have the GBA version as being out next Wednesday though.

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Anyone with the PS2 version had a read through the terribly/charmingly translated manual.

Here's one "Kablam!" of thanks for the purchase of Metal Slug 3.  To get the most enjoyment, please read this manual carefully before beginning the game.  Before beginning you play the game, please read through this user's manual carefully to get the most enjoyment from this game.

And so on throughout the entire manual :)

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I've been playing the arcade original at work (in the retro section) and have the Xbox review code. It seems strange though that there is such a gap in between releasing the PS2 version and the Xbox version but, as mentioned, the game is superb!.

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