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In Love And Death


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Anyone else got this?

I'm gonna be honest, it's nowhere near up to the quality of their previous record, "Something to Burn".

It has it's moments; "Let it Bleed" and "I caught Fire" are both good songs, and the opening to "I'm a Fake" is amazing. But as an album overall it just doesn't have the same energy as Something to Burn does.

The whole album is a lot slower and (most disappointingly of all) a lot of the tracks don't feature any screaming AT ALL.

I'm going to listen to the whole thing through a few more times to see if it grows on me, but right now I'm a bit disappointed with it. I guess it's lucky I downloaded it rather than actually paid money for it, otherwise I'd be REALLY disappointed!

Anyone else got any opinions on it?

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Listened to it some more today, and it IS growing on me, but I'm still disappointed in it.

Yeah there's no song on there to rival "Blue and Yellow" or "Maybe Memories". There's just no one song that makes the album.

PS. Yeah, this was just my way of bumping the thread...

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First off am I missing something with "Something to Burn"? There was their self-titled and the Maybe Memories CD/DVD was there another album?

Anyways only thing I've heard off the new album is Take It Away which I quite like but is maybe a bit too poppy

as for the new .hopesfall. album, I listened to a couple of tracks on their e-card and wasn't too impressed and I'm quite annoyed as I only recently picked up their EP and other album

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