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Roll Muck

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*NEWS: Make sure you register at our new SECRET forum. If you dont know how to PM me!

I will also be using this first page for any important clan news, so check it from time to time. You will of course get messages online.

POLL NEWS: Winner of Player of the Month for November was: U1


Atarian 3

Boiled Cabbage

Carrera74 4


Jigsawn Freelance Mercanary :D

Fondue 8

Harlen Quinn 6

Hitcher 0

Pochacco2kX 8

Pop Monkey 9

Rockboy 5

Syntax Error007 (Overlord) 7

The Fat Envelope (Staff) 3

U1 v2 (Staff) 1

UK Miner Willy 1

Utopastac 2

Real of Xanadu 7

Clan Stats

Clan Games Arranged:

Findus: Pending

Gamestyle: Pending

Clan game results

Sacred remains : Roll Muck 5 - 0 Sacred Remains

Sacred remains : Roll Muck 1 - 4 Sacred Remains

EVT: EVT 3 - 2 Roll Muck

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Ok, all of the above are in!

Im gonna halt recruitmnet just for now, as the thing for this clan is to start of with a smallish group of players and enjoy a game once a week to start with. this way we can involve the same nucleus of players all the time.

However if it becomes evident that some arent playing as much as we would hope then will bring more in, or even start a Roll Muck 2!!! :)

For the new guys, we plan to have a our first games together on Sunday, so let me know availability!


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Ok rollmuckers, Sunday is the day where we start to whip this operation into shape :(

Firstly gonna need to know which ones of you can make it. If you could also let me know a preferable time. Im thinking most people would prefer around 6pm? That clears any footy on the TV and most peoples dinners.

There are 13 of us in total, Im guessing a few wont be able to make it at least. So maybe we could start with splitting into two and getting some games going like that, just to get a feel for what a good balance would be. Then we can split and play some Optimatch ranking games, before reporting back to see how we all got on B)

So note your satus for Sunday below...

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6pm Sunday is good for me.

See you online then.

Oh, and sorry in advance for being shit. :ph34r:

Hey, I aint exactlly shit hot either, even Evil Teams worst member Soong beat me in a head to head <_<

But thats the point of a clan, we can get our shit down together!

Harlen, you are in! How could I refuse entry to a Halo Legend like yourself B) But sorry folks, as cool as the old Rollmuck is proving to be I gotta close the doors at 14 members.

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