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Who is up for us challenging another clan then?  Lets say the 19th July.  Gives whoever we challenge plenty of time.

I propose we go for a 5 v 5 match, over best of 5 games.

With Subs inbetween games allowed.

Stick your name down if you are up for this!  first come first served.  As I say we will use subs so hopefully everyone who is interested for that night will play at least one match.

Also let us know who we think we should play.  I will issue a challenge later this week.

We still playing tonight gents? :)

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Match is 9pm - so I guess allow for an hour for the duration of our matches :D

That seems rather generous, start probably at 9.15 after fruitless attempts to get a whole team, total humiliation of unpractised and incomplete team 9 at 9.30. Available for further action at 9.35.

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Our clan match tomorrow... we're allowed to sub in and out after and before each game yeah ?

Also, is it definitely going ahead tomorrow, what with the tourny matches too? If you need to postpone it for a day or a week, thats fine with us.

Yeah, subbing is cool.

To be honest Im happy for it to be not mega serious. We can do the best of 5 thing. But I am happy to keep playing some more customs after that just for the hell of it?

I think we should be fine for tomorrow. Shall we give it a bit to see if we can get a couple more players?

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1) Syntax

2) Pootle (after 9.35pm)

3) Pobotector

4) U-1

5) Rockboy

6) Atarian (after 9.35pm)

Anyone else?  Hitch?  Jigsawn? Carrera?

Ack, sorry, I can't make this now. Probably for the best - I'm playing cack at the moment :ph34r:

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Up to whoever is still online. I for one won't be. I've had it with Halo2 for now.

Whats up? Scared? ;)

Enjoyed the games tonight guys.. (and thats the first time Ive been able to say that in a while.)

Its looking like Matchmaking could actually become fun again! :)

Didnt encounter any modders all evening and only 50% of Americans were annoying/abusive as opposed to the normal 100%.. Things are looking up!

I'm still wondering what happened to Gingerism though?

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