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Syntax, after being raped and left to rot by the OM YOM clan, would you like a clanmatch against us Gamestylers? We're shit, I promise. B)

Absolutely, as long as you are really shit B) (although if you took on Om Yom it would suggest you fancied your chances)

When does suit? What sort of size of clan match did you fancy?

On that note, does anyone know how to play a proper arrnaged clan match? We just had to play a custom game last night when we played "Iron whats there names"

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This might be a bit geeky as well, but I was thinking, how easy would it be to take one of the overview of the arena pics from the bungie site, enlarge it a little bit and use it formulate some tactics on it in photoshop?


Oh my...

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I should be on tonight as well. Shall we sort a couple of games from 9 then?

Meerman, Im definitely up for the challenge. What day/time suits you guys?

and that Territory game was indeed class. Greens led the entire way until we stole victory with just 3 seconds to spare. B)

Oh yeah and do we have any budding artists that could somehow incorporate an 8 into my xmasy avatar.

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3 seconds I think, with me Carrera and Katie a good minute off the pace :(

After capturing one Territory it was definitely tricky to move on and get that second one.

Yeah, it was 3 seconds. And just as the reds won I blew up the 2 guys guarding their area and was just going to move in and take it, thus claiming glory for the mighty greens. Oh dear. :angry:

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U1, I played a few clan matches with some of the guys earlier, we won and lost in about equal numbers. We for some reason lost a drawn game? Which was especially annoying as we were 1-0 for ages only to lose a point in the last round :(

I have a theory that the game favours teams who score last minute equalisers. It's just a theory but it feels that way to me.

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Righty oh Syntax & co, how does friday november 26th @ 20:00 PM GMT sound?

Unfortunately, we can't find each other using the minor/major clanmatch option, so it has to be a custom invite-only unranked session. :angry:

Om Yom is well out of our league so compared to them we're shit. I'll have a look at your clan's stats to see if we can stand a chance this time. :(

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