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I don't think we should have stuck to Clan Matches all night because if check the recent players list you'll see the individual levels these guys were at way outranked us - 11's, 12's, 13's, 14's and even a level 18.

The trouble is everytime someone makes a new clan it will start at zero no matter what level the members are.

So all things considered we didn't do bad.

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They quit too quick for that - they did tonight.


Edit: I think perhaps in future we just have a cut off time playing Minor/ Major Clan Matches against nobodies - it doesn't do us any favours and we only end up angry, frustrated - generally fucked off by them.

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Even when one clan responded to Pop's 'Good game' with the same one of them had to say 'We raped you though.' :ph34r:

I know. It takes NO EFFORT at all to be sporting, and NO EFFORT at all to be gracious in victory.

They have no spirit of fair play, and no sense of sportsmanship. Everything is about DESTROYING the enemy then mocking them in their defeat - amusingly, this mirrors America's attitude towards global politics and explins a great deal about the national psyche and rationale.

Best thing to do, if they beat you and have been screaming and stuff all the way through the game is... when the game ends and it goes to the results screen... chances are they'll be screaming and shouting again... just sit there... don't leave and don't speak. Eventually they'll stop...and you can get a word in... generally I find the word "cunt" works wonders

It's like I said: Let them rant, let them whine; then remind them that you're a loser for the two minutes before the next game, but they'll be cunts for a lifetime.

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It really is becoming all to common now these arsehole yanks.

the sooner Bungie gives us lobbys segregated by region like in Burnout the better. In fact, they shouldnt even stop there, they should give us age restricted ones too. If it meant the wait for an optimatch was even doubled or trebled I wouldnt care, at least you would know the game you were going into would be worthwhile and sporting.

Not to mention it would cut down on a hell of a lot of the lag we get when playing those dicks across the Atlantic.

Ok, how do I start a online petition for sending to Bungie? B)

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Who is on tonight?

Would be good if we could get 8 on. We might have a game with Findus meaning four would go and play them, the other four could match make.

If the game with Findus doesnt materialise then we could just have some interclan matches and saves us all from the "OMG" brigade.

Might be a good chance for you slightly less active clan members to clamber back into the fray...

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Following the "Yanks on Live are fuckers" conversation, Rumblepit has now become a no-go area for me. EVERY game is populated by racist, bellowing, fuckwitted twats.

The whole Live thing is pissing me off to be honest. The only time I enjoy the game is playing against rllmukers. PES4, my other great hope, is shit on Live. Feeling a bit disillusioned with it tbh...

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