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I do play daily, but sometimes not 'til late, when all the females have been removed from the area and the men can prosper in a pure gaming environment.

Davey I'll add you to my friends list. I tend to be on also at late hours so we can hook up for matchmaking and stuff. And you can tell me how you're getting on! My gamertag is Jigsawn but I may have a full friends list, so I'll delete some americans to make way for you ;)

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This was recently posted on Bungie's website:

"Sometimes when I try to accept a party invite, I get a blue screen with an error message saying something about, 'Sorry, we're having network troubles." What are these troubles, exactly?

One of the reasons players will sometimes encounter the infamous "We're experiencing network problems" message when trying to accept a party invitation is NAT type incompatibility. This unfortunately is one of the ways we ensure good, solid connections and is unavoidable. Below is a somewhat dry explanation of what a NAT type is, but before you lull yourself to sleep ? here's a possible solution ? it works for us quite often.

If an invitation fails, you can try to get a NAT compatible host or player to start a brand new party then have everyone join him instead. When everyone rejoins this new party they simply have to keep their fingers crossed that a new host can invite the failed invitee successfully. It's annoying, but it's usually for someone who's worth the extra effort.

How do you know who this host will be? In many cases, simply having an excellent connection ? a T3 line for example, will often ensure hosting duties and compatibility, but there's no surefire way to know. One other solution, which is less drastic, is to start a custom game and then immediately quit and start again ? Halo 2 will always try to find a best-case host, and that may fix the invitation failure by auto selecting a new, better host. We used this method last week because Shishka connects to the internet through a damp newspaper, apparently.

Again, we wish there was a way around this, but it happens at the router level and it happens on other systems and games. The reason we don't identify the host is obvious to anyone who's suffered through other forms of router and modem-related cheating.

NAT is an acronym for "Network Address Translation" and is also known as Network masquerading or IP-masquerading. This is a technique in which the IP addresses of network packets are rewritten as the packets pass through a router or firewall. This technique is used to enable multiple hosts on a network to access the internet using only one IP address. Now, even though routers aren't really supposed to do this, sometimes they do anyway, since it's a very convenient little trick. The problem is that this incompatibility in NAT types causes communication problems between hosts, and that's where the "Network Problems" message is encountered.

We should note that other factors can contribute to this problem, but NAT type is the main culprit. "

So. In short: get a new router, cheapskate.

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Good games last night folks, though for some reason things didn't quite pull together on our attacks on big team battle most of the time. The custom games were fun, lots of great moments, especially in Headlong Team King. How the hell does that game mode always end up within 1 or 2 seconds of each other? It's amazingly well balanced.

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Some wicked games this afternoon with u1 on Team Skirmish.

think we won them all apart from 2, which was nice.

We did end up with what can only be described as a 14 year old comedy duo on our team on Zanzi. they bickered constantly " I want the sword, I want the sword, I want the sword" , and just basically never shut up.

Unbeleiveably we won, and the other guys were really good too. They had a guy who was really nifty with his close range sniping skills, constantly bringing it into our base to take us out.

Funnily it matched us with two of those guys we were against in the next game on Ivory Tower.

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