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REAL, Atarian and friend, yesterday.

wow, that's clever...but no, that's not it.

The Care Bears thing came about when we were playing CS and everyone had really cool names like Tha Killah or Legolas, we felt like we needed a bad ass nick that would give is some RESPECT! ...hence the Care Bears.

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Atarian's 'boss' is REAL's wife hence his 'boss'?


Apart from that's she's not formally my boss and his girlfriend, not his wife. But our boss in a very real sense otherwise. Untill I change jobs next month.

Did I mention I have a huge icq/msn log going back several years, of REAL stating things about their relationship. I'm sure that will come in handy one day. ;)

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but Hitch must know exactly how I feel since he figured it out so quick ;)

I was thinking that, you don't get such a brilliant insight without experience.

I see he's also experimenting with his avatar. Slow day for everyone. That Sami was a bit rough but I like the S rank. I recently picked up playing AW2 in the train again after a few months. Great game, though it feels somewhat less balanced than 1.

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I've got loads of AW avatars and I normally display the one I'm currently using in the War Room. I was trying a new Sami image I'd found but it messed up when scaled down. :(


Seeing as I'm back to getting the highest scores on AW1 I thought I'd settle on the old S rank one again.

Glad to hear your a fan of the series. :)

And if you've got any high scores be sure to put them in here -

Advance Wars 1 & 2, Campaign and War Room Scores

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Sami's gone all Britney Spears for Advance Wars DS.


Look at her. The little slut.

Advance Wars DS - I. Can't. Fucking. Wait.

Little Minx, you just know she... well, I will let you fill in the blanks :D

Great games tonight, thought we played really well. One of our best nights on matchmaking.

Even though we had a cheat attmept on us (see the cheasters thread) I still had lots o fun. Even on the one game we got pwned I actually enjoyed it, as they really were brilliant, and I think we learnt a tactic or two from them on that Beaver Creek multi bomb.

Nice work Roll Muckers B)

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Seemed to be highly irritable tonight, so sorry if I was snapping at anyone :(

You certainly made your feelings clear about Coag, and I totally agree. That map has turned into a chore. I end up feeling like tearing my hair out from the constant treking around and getting sniped. ;)

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