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I'll be on tonight. Also I do like using the sniper and I'm not too bad with it though because of my high sensitivity i find using the max scope very hard. At the medium scope though I find it very effective and I've got quite good at unscoped takedowns now too. OF course it all goes to pot when my connection goes down to yellow :o

Oh thanks for the kudos from my commander stint. I quite enjoyed it as I was also able to act a defender. Sorry if I was a bit kurt in the game sometimes, but sometimes there isn't time to say please! To be fair though the enemy teams didn't seem that organised and we mostly had the good weapons but you guys did the hard bit - backing each other up.

Just having the slight direction in that everyones going in with a set plan together seems to make a world of difference.

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Erm..guys Ive got a big of a problem!

My BT internet connection is screwed... I mean totally. Ive had to raise a fault call with BT to try and get it fixed, but its looking like it might be down for a couple of days.

Ive brought my PC over to a mates house to try a few things out..which is how im typing this.. but it looks like im without LIVE for a couple of days! Meaning im going to miss the DSD game (unless its back up tomorrow night)

Cant explain how pissed off I am at the moment... its the second BT screw up in as many weeks... I`ll keep you posted

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Nah, this Abi! The apple of young Utos eye :lol:


While I am linking (these are from Pobs birthday at the weekend) I just need to show you the funniest pic ever. Look at the caption at the top of this pic, then look closely at Phil :) Team Roll Muck striking fear into the hearts of geeks everywhere!


And to think I was described as small!!!!

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I was getting a touch worried about tonight, but now both teams are through to the finals, making us the only clan to perform such a feat!

Thanks Amazing Squad!

Also, I'll be on for this Wednesday, for sure.

Yeah, good point Uto. Big up to all us Roll Muckers!

Also, start sticking names down for Wednesday night BTB practice! 9pm start!

1) Uto

2) Syntax







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