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Distinct muttering

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It probably was 'With you playing the rest don't seem so rubbish' :D

Put me on the list too.


No comment. :)

uto told me the usual big inter clan day is a Weds - alas last week I was stuck in Germany as my flight was delayed :( I shall endeavour however to be available on Weds from now on :P

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Flip reverse it :(

We were up 2 - 0, then lost a very close rockets match 50 - 47, that would of been game set and match, they then won the other two games to take it 3-2

oh well, we wanted to play Om Yom anyway B)

I looked at the game viewer for that rockets match and it looked like we all died at the end without getting a kill, could have been different so easily.

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Ah, Uto has posted the same game (Midship - 3 Plots) twice in that list making it 3-2 to you.


Unfortunately not. That 3 plots game was the biggest come back ever, I think we were about 3mins down at one point!!

Tell you what, trying to reclaim those plots on that level is bloody hard, with the time it takes to take off their hold on the plot, then build the timer up to claim it yourself you have been subjected to an avalanche of stickies, dual wielded plasmas, and sword guys dancing round you! Mental stuff!

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I'd rather avoid matchmaking, though. Quite fancy just chilling out with some custom games.

hallelujah!! ;) I'm hoping that with a dedicated night for BTB we can do more custom games......

I'm on tonight btw. Playing like an arse at the moment though. ;)

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