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Consolevania Had A Meeting

Audrey Tautou

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MS. TAUTOU: "It is wonderful news that the BBC would like to develop le Consolevania into a major entertainment series for BBC3, non? None of this would have been possible if not for the support of this forum and all the people online who have helped distribute and champion the show. It is wonderful news, non?"

Good news!

You owe us all a Chipped Xbox.

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Fucking well done there! <_<

I doubt it'll make it to TV 100% intact, but it's worth compromising a bit when you're got this kind of oppotunity.

Here's to seeing some forum injokes on national television.

Don't worry about that. He'll deny us three times before the day is over :ph34r:

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Congratulations lads.

Let's just hope that with the BBC at the reigns we'll get a properly structured and, above all, amusing show.

The ones on the web are a little cringeworthy afterall.

Yeah, let's hope they fire those Scotch wankers they've been using as presenters and get somebody good in.

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Good news. Hope it isn't just us getting our entire hopes up for them to be dashed by a heartless commission bastard who hates gamers and the entire world as a whole.

But... Consolevania - 769 hits on Google. Lets see how many it'll get IN TEH FUTURE.

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Get a TV in your room, scrub-cakes.

I've got one, and it's a thing of greatness while hooked up to my modded Xbox.

But stick an areial in it and it just produce4s this horrible, fuzzy white picture, similar to the one I get when it has absolutely nothing hooked up to it.

Basically, the reception is beyond a joke. *Sigh*

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