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Never use NTL people. Worst company i have ever seen. I still get Lag spikes while playing CS. Everything stops for a few seconds, then everything resumes, and i find out that the person i was blasting in the head with a full ammo clip has killed me. :)

That sounds like the sort of problems that the command rates I mentioned earlier, should sort out.

I just had a snoop around the css steam forum and found this:


Choke is a fairy tale; it's false, it doesn't exist.

It's something that VALVe made up, but it's really insignificant in terms of tweaking your PC to get rid of it.

Something you may want to try is changing your:




Set these to similar values and you should see a decrease in choke. Also, try out:

cl_smooth 0

That is if you're getting some weird video lag once you've tweaked those commands.


check what your cl_cmdrate, udaterate and fpsmax is in 1.6 and try similar values in source.

out of interest i use

rate 25000

cl_cmdrate 101

cl_updaterate 101

fps_max 80 (in 1.6 is 90)

these settings are for a dsl connection (though its now 1M) and i dont really suffer any choke, ping loss.


I'm gonna try those setting out and see what happens.

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Yeah that works. Thanks.

You dont need to enter them everytime you play. Once they are set, thats it.

You can check on the setting by just typing the line without 0 or 1, it will tell you the current setting and the default setting.

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I'm in the middle of writing an article about different ways of converting images to black and white using PHP and GD by extracting RGB channels and HSV conversions and stuff.. but I'd put that on hold for for killage.

IP: (13 people on, 28 slots. Should be enough. Its the GCHQ server)

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