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Added map: de_prodigy

Improved player movement against walls

Improved choppy player movement when bouncing down slopes

Purchase icon for defuser is shown

Physics prop avoidance is scaled by the object's mass

Detail prop fade distance can be controlled on a per-map basis with env_detail_controller

Spectator GUI last mode is saved

Added spectate player by name

Grenades, weapons, etc splash when they land in water

Frag grenade deafness is delayed so the explosion is heard

Fixed viewmodel lag

Added consistency checking player model bounds

Weapon reloads finish when the round restarts

Autobuy and rebuy trigger a reload if you don't buy a primary weapon

Rebuy doesn't drop pistols the player has picked up

Dropped weapon ammo isn't lost if the player has another weapon using that ammo

Re-added hostage hint messages

Smoke grenade canisters fade out and are removed when smoke is dense

Breakable glass is blown outward proportional to the damage recieved

Soundscapes update for observers

Fixed not being able to attach to ladder tops

Misc fixes to spray import

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