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Very much enjoyed last nights CS action, first time i'd played the game seems really good though.

Problem was I had no idea what the keys were, for chat, enabling the bombs etc, but shouldn't be issue with practise.

Looks great and runs well smooth on my PC, the levels are nice although the office type one is a bit complicated for a total beginner.

Nice to be killed (loads) by other Rllmukers too.

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Have never played this or the original, am I gonna get pwned in a big way? Don't really even know anything about the game either. Anyone wanna show me the ropes some time this week?

I played my first ever game about 10 days ago. Its pretty simple stuff.

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I'll definatly be on tonight so if someone does post an IP I thrash fuck out of the lot of you.  :D . Of course the name will be ........ pulsemyne.

What's the e-mail addy that you used to register? It's easier to track someone down that way.

EDIT: Or maybe not. The friends network can be a bit shite now and again.

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I'm having the same problem. Everyone that's playing make sure to put some [rllmuk] tags before your name. Avoids confusion.

How about this server? [firstfallen.com] CS:Source 1 -

looks pretty good so far, max players of 32 and I get a ping that averages in the 20s.

What time you playing then FAF? I'm in

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