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James Cameron Returns with Avatar


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I'm leaning towards the it will be sh*t camp.

As much as I love Cameron's early work, he hasn't made a decent film in about 15 years.

Seems eerily similar to Lucas' Star Wars prequels

[x] Much loved director

[x] Hasn't made any films for years

[x] Embracing new technology

[x] Aiming the film more at younger audience

[x] Weird cartoon protagonists

[x] Massively hyped

To be fair, even if the plot is awful, it will probably stand up as a straight-up showreel for epic 3-D action scenes.

I'll definitely be watching it in the cinema to see what the fuss is about, no matter how bad the reviews are.

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Watched the Zune clip and I have a question.

If they're aliens from another planet, far, far away, with their alien tech and their alien sex organs and alien ways, then why do they sound like typical Hollywood action heroes?

What's the point in going to all that effort to make some wild looking alien race, when you're just going to cast them as some gung-ho American idiots?

Maybe it's part of the story that I'm not aware of, like they were brought up in California around movie lots and actors before being whisked away back to their homeworld or something. If that's it though you can colour me unimpressed.

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After all the initial hype of this, before I even saw it, I was really looking forward to it. But since the first trailer, I've been less than impressed. From what I've seen it's nowhere near the leap forward I was led to believe, the character design is terrible and I'm not holding out much hope for the story after the bits I've seen recently.

I've still got my tickets booked for my local IMAX on opening night though. I just hope I'm completely wrong and all the hype is genuine.

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Whatever happens this will be fascinating in terms of box office history. We need a poll, hit or miss.

I think it even if it's total pants the amount of hype should see it safe.

Can anyone think of a massively hyped film which was a commercial failure? Was waterworld hyped a lot? I'm too young.

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I think this will get mixed reviews - Cameron can obviously shoot action, but the rest will probably be cliched broad-brushstrokes stuff, and I'm not sure it'll have the charm and chemistry that Titanic's two leads had. As for box-office, I think it'll open pretty big but drop off sharply, unless word-of-mouth is excellent.

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Apparently the OST track names give away the entire plot, so music fans may want to avoid that for now.

Heh, I always remember The Phantom Menace soundtrack for that same thing. 'The Death of Qui Gonn' or whatever, on the back case of the CD 6 weeks before the film comes out :(

EDIT: Heh, 'Qui Gon's Noble End' and 'Qui Gon's Funeral'. Subtle.

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New Colonel Quaritch Featurette - lots of new footage -


That video finally gave me an idea of what the film is about.

It's giving a odd vibe, the things I'm not liking about it are actually some of what I love about Aliens. The gung-ho Hollywood arsehole personalities work so well in Aliens, but from what the trailers shown so far, I really don't like the similar vibe that's given off the cast here.

Visually it's nothing too special, sure it's got a lot, but it's more like everything and the kitchen sink approach, too much technological wizardry going on. I feel like there's going to be a lack of hints and flashes of tech that made films like Aliens look so good.

I'll probably end up going to see it, but I wish what had been shown so far looked more appealing.

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This is the same exclusive clip that was previously only available on the new Zune section on Xbox Live last week.

It's not quite the same, I think this one follows the chase for longer. The Zune one stopped when he jumped for the water didn't it?

It's shorter overall than the Zune one, which was about 4 minutes.

Regardless, it's all the same shit. Wooooooo CGI looking like CGI.

The chase into the tree reminded me of the scene in the first season of Lost when they were getting chased off Smokey. The Lost scene had a lot more energy and tenseness about it, partly thanks to them being more vague about what was chasing them; creating a sense of fear of the unknown.

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I just can't see how this can be good. The 15min preview absolutely tanked at the Berlin screening I was at, people laughing and screwing their faces up when the lights came up.

I've yet to see anything decent!

Yeah when I heard this was going to revolutionise cinema and he'd been working on it for 15 years or whatever, I was expecting something so esoteric and out there, you couldn't even put it into words - something that completely blew away ones idea of what a film actually was.

Then you see a bunch of poor ickle CG tree people being colonised and exploited in some kind of sick Dances With Wolves parody and just go "that's it?". And the aliens look shit, too.

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