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Fist 2

alan cummings

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The sequel to Way of the Explodig, which was just called Fist 2 for some reason.

I remember playing this for hours on my friends C64, it seemed to go on for ever and got highly repetitive.

Does anyone know if there was an ending to it? I remember there was some vague storyline about finding Karate scrolls, but it just seemed to be fight after fight, against cats and all sorts of enemies. i thought it was pretty enjoyable at the time though.

I have had no luck with c64 emulation, probbaly cos i never owned one so dont know much about running the machine. And the speccy version I did find seemed like a pale imitation.

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Do a search for an emulator called WinVICE and download that - Its the easiest C64 emulator to use, as its in a Windows style interface. All you have to do is 'Attach Disk Image' from the menu to load the games and bingo! Set up the Joystick in the options and you are away...

Fist 2 is supposed to be bugged to hell. When it was firts released, my mate bought it and loved it. A few days later ZZAP! came out and I asked him to guess the review mark. He started by saying "97%' and his face fell further as I told him to guess lower. When I told him the mark (around 39% if memory serves), he was throwing a tantrum, saying they had totally got it wrong. I never bothered playing it, after reading the reviews and hearing that it was bugged.

Try 'Willow Pattern Adventure' by Firebird instead - Great platformer with an oriental theme. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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The sid music was ripped from another Melbourne Hose release. (The disc enhanced version of The Hobbit.)

I enjoyed it as well, loved the south east asian inspired remix of Way of the Exploding Fist on side 2 of the tape.

Fist 2 was bugged to merry hell though.

I got to the end once.

my tape wouldn't load side 2 no matter how i tried - putting the player upside down, pressing the lid, fiddling with the azimuth thing - nothing worked.

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yeah i fucking loved this game. The music ruled and i remember it being scary in places. There was rooms you went into and there was poison gas or something.

There was a lot of fights, and yeah im pretty sure there were bugs too.

I remember we found a cheat out that made your character fly across the screen and dodge stuff (well it moved the character right and stuff.)

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Just a quick question to the original poster, was this topic inspired by the recent release of Jackie Chan Adventures on the PS2?

I only ask because I tried out the demo on the weekend and during the intro sequence they showed all these Chi symbols and it reminded me instantely of Fist 2.

nope :lol:

never played that i'm afraid.

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