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So, You're Useless At Halo 2?


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The games were incredibly close all night, culminating in an awesome game of Assault on Zanzibar that was tied when I got grenaded in the final round with about a second to go before the bomb would have been armed. Bugger.

Ah, yes. Great game that, you needed some smg rounds post grenading to finish you off though. If the gate had not been open you would have easily made that.

Great games alll round, sorry I lagged behind in the 3v3 games. I blame latency from being on the continent for my Jimmyesque performance in those.

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Sorry if I was a tad grumpy yesterday - it suddenly went dead hot and I'd also failed to follow up this major pwning with anything else of worth at all and proceeded to be massively rubbish all night.


Well done though man, getting that far ahead in Rumble Pit's really cool, I've had it happen not very often but when I do it's a fists in the air basking in your own glory moment. ;)

Or perhaps that's just me. Being sad. Again. :(

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