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So, You're Useless At Halo 2?


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well, we can all just sit in a halo 2 lobby and bombard them with invites until they come over... the cunts.

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A few of us still play late on quite frequently, so that's cool. Jimmy and I do tend to talk for fucking ages though, rather than playing any games.

well, I can just sit in a halo 2 lobby and fall asleep again.

Corrected. -_-

Anyway, apologies* to Bilco for not showing up last night. I was out with a mate and decided that sleep was a better move on the whole. Anyone around tonight then? Other than Bilco that is.

* not really

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As expected, Bilco was shit last night, and so unsurprisingly when he went to bed, Panda, Preacher, myself and the random guy pizzowned hard in Team Slayer (50-24 I believe, but I can't check the game stats because I've managed to break my Bungie.net account. <_<

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That time's fine for me. Don, ZOK, what say you?

Who else has it?

And is there not a way to check whether it's backwards compatible (VGA cable and all) without trying it?

Sniper Elite arrived today and....it doesn't work <_<

I can get to the menu and hear the mission briefing but then it freezes. Same with the online mode, tried to jump into a game and it crashes. After reading around, there's a problem with the game's HD output and it works if you put it down to 480p on US machines but it doesn't work on PAL consoles. At all.

Well done to everyone involved with the Xbox360 Backwards Compatibility!


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so, is this really better than playing a game of team snipers on halo then?

surely not, you won't have me moaning about the unplayable lag and my dodgy right thumb.

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That's massively shit, Ben. God 360s are a bunch of crap, aren't they? :lol:

Are the rest of us playing? Is it just ZOK, Don and me? Will that work? Doesn't Rev have it?

Nope. I almost bought it once, but then I didn't.

True story.

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