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Half Life 2 Deathmatch


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man that sounds great! I wonder if they'll ever add a mode with a super grav gun in the middle of the map or something? That would be really crazy!

I'm all for CSS on a more serious note, but HL2DM sounds like a right laugh - I shall see tonight I guess..

Also as for the lag did you change your rates in HL2DM as well (like in CSS)?


rate 30000

cl_cmdrate 101

cl_updaterate 101


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This may be interpreted as a single player spoiler, so I'll flag it up as such...


I'm just a bit pissed off that Valve chose so remove a bunch of the really fun Half Life 1 weapons from the sequel. SNARKs for one, and the Gluon Gun for a second. Honourable mentions going to that wasp bastard, and the charging-up gun.

Not sure how much HL2 Deathmatch is going to appeal without SNARKs.

So there.

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This is getting out of spoiler territory now, but lets keep going...

SNARKs were the fantastic little living, biting insectoid grenades. If you stood there long enough, Gordon would taunt them with his finger, and the little thing would struggle to bite him.

That's one of my favourite incidental animations in a videogame ever.

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oh yeah i remember now!!

i remember those ace little thingies now!! but what is actually comedy GOLD is throwing the combine round on the last few levels of HL2 with the super grav gun omg so much fun!

i love the quotes too lets keep it up ;)

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messed around with this for half an hour or so, wasnt a bad experience. guns can be a little bit hard to come across, I spent most of the time using the assault rifle. The amount of stuff flying about is phenomanal (well, I was on a 32 person server I think). Well worth a play every now and then, but its not going to take over from css for me.

EDIT : Pretty flipping laggy though!

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On a dedicated server (a rare thing at the moment) it's perfectly playable. I had a ping of 90, but it was steady and smooth.

Amazing stuff really, forget about snarks, killing people with porcelain toilets is the new love.

Best. Multiplayer. Ever.

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had a brief go earlier - have to say i sort of agree with hub2, although i'm off work next week so i'm gonna have some good fun with both this and CSS.

What its really done for me has got me even more excited about the potential for some shit hot mods.

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