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Speaking about the Memory Stick Duo, we have tested a conventional Memory Stick Duo Pro 512MB from our Sony digicam which was finally found compatible.

yay! (some duo devices couldn't use the pro sticks, but i'd have been amazed if this one wouldn't have been able to)

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Strange as it may seem, I'm a huge one for the actual packaging of products - the box that the PSP comes in has got some nice 'Apple-esque' touches to it. It kind of makes you feel that you're buying something really rather special.

I'll be picking up the lovely one with the nice case too!

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thw screen does look like a thing of beauty.

so who is actually expecting one of these before chritsmas?

Hoping, not expecting.

I can't believe how quickly it's come around though. People will be picking these things up next Sunday!

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Here's a few more snippets snagged from GAF (thx Amir0x)...


Standard (PSP-1000):

Price: 19,800 yen [193.94USD] (20,790 yen [203.68USD] after tax)

Package: Sony PlayStation Portable, AC Adapter and Battery pack

Final Image of Japanese Standard Packaging:


Value Pack (PSP-1000k):

Price: 24,800 yen [242.98USD] (26,040 yen [255.13USD] after tax)

Package: Soft Case & Hand Strap, Headphones With Remote Control, Battery Pack, AC Adapter, 32MB Memory Stick Duo, Sony PlayStation Portable

Final Image of Japanese Value Pack Packaging:




According to IGN, the screen does change colour depending on the month.


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If you watch the PSP switch on movie there is a system option for 'Power Saving' or similar. The fanboys will have a field day with that one. The actual interface looks really slick and cool, Sony always seem to hit the nail on the head when it comes to style.

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I have to say I am very tempted.

If only there were more games for it that interested me. There are a few that do interest me, but then these include things like 'Puyo' and 'Puzzle Bobble' that I already own on multiple consoles, or 'Dokodemo Issyo', 'Piposaru Academia: Dossari Sarugee Daizenshu' or 'Kollon' which may have language barriers. 'Lumines' looks pretty promising though, and that golf one maybe.

I've not really paid the PSP too much attention, as for me the DS has seemed a much more exciting prospect (as it seems the ideal home for the sort of fun and quirky games I like). The PSP is some tasty looking kit though, so I guess once I'm back out of my overdraft, and I've found some games I like for it, I'll probably be getting one.

I can see how some people would already be dying to get one though, it has a pretty respectable line up of games depending on your taste. I do expect it to do very well, and wouldn't be at all surprised if it took away Nintendo's virtual monopoly in the handheld market (saddened, but not surprised). I guess it could just be the battery thing that is it Achilles Heal though.

In a way I don't see it as competing directly head to head with the DS though, as I can imagine a lot of people would want both due to the unique features of the DS and what these could offer.

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