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Steel Battalion: Loc


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I could get it out again I guess, it was great when it wasn't dead/ruined by dupes.

They fixed the duping trick months back matey. There was a really good few weeks where I did have the pleasure of playing the thing online again just after summer.

Next week sounds pukka - how about late tuesday afternoon/evening?

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I've never played this online, as I didn't have live when I bought it, and since then I haven't played due to the set-up hassle and imtimidation at how bad I'm likely to be. But I've been thinking for a while it's a shame not to be playing it.

So what I'm saying is, as long as you're going to be relatively nube friendly, please add me for Tuesday.

Gamertag as per username, do i need to send friend invites, or will some nice person invite me?

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