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The Greatest Game


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Can I just say (with my sensible hat on) that this thread is a load of bollocks really.

The best game anyone plays or has played is such a moment in time sort of thing. The first game I ever played on my first ever home computer was Magic Carpet (with 3D goggles ^_^ ) - at that time the game literally stunned me with what you could do so obviously apart from being the best at the time (because it was the only game) its impact will never be forgotten. My first graphical adventure game - Indiana Jones (yes its better than Grim fandango).

Later playing Quake 1, I was literally stunned by loading it up with my brand new 3DFX card and seeing what were previously pixels suddenly become smooth polygons. Tomb Raider on the PC at the same time was again subject to that incredible makeover and was also brilliantly unique game too. Half Life and Systemshock 2 both were incredible games.

After those its new gaming worlds and experiences - my first Japanese rpg was FFVIII (PC version) which immediately caused me to dump my PC gaming superiority complex and go out and get a console. Ocarina of Time I played in actual fact after Wind Waker but I can just imagine its impact in 1997. Super Monkey Ball and what you can do with just one control dynamic. Advance Wars on a GBA - brilliant. My first MMORPG, FFXI again an incredible leap forward in what you can do in games and is if you like my current benchmark of brilliance.

Hopefully even better games are to come.

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