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It probably needs actually sharpening rather than just steeling. A steel/honing rod will straighten out a turned/dulled edge, but if the edge is blunted or chipped, you'll need to resharpen.

Not sure what I'd use for a Zwilling knife, they're probably designed for a 20 degree (European) angle rather than the 15 degree (Japanese) angle that the Minosharp does. I'm told that a lot of old-school butchers will do knife sharpening for you, if you ask, and I'd imagine they're almost certainly using beefy german knives with european angles.

So I probably need something like this?


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Probably - general impression I got from chef forum lurking is that roller sharpeners aren't great compared to proper hand sharpening, but they won't do your knives any harm and are better than a blunt knife. The minosharp has a better reputation than most, but only does asian angles.

I have regraded a set of old european knives (Sabatier Vs) using the Minosharp (you need the 3 wheel model for this) and they came out damned sharp, but I've no idea how the edges would have held over time - I gave them away to a friend when I left NZ.

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Yep, the Minosharp that came with the knives does a perfectly good job. They could all do with a sharpen actually, but even now they hold an edge for a couple of months.

I think I need a smaller Minosharp (my three pack of knives didn't come with one), the one I have is massive and a friends one with smaller wheels seems a lot more effective.

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This arrived this evening (who knew Amazon delivered on a Sunday night?). I've given it a go and, while the first stage has the knife running smoothly through the slot with what can only b described as a "sharpening a knife" sound, when I tried the second stage, the blade jerked through and made a nasty grinding noise.

I've looked on YouTube and the guide says not to press the cutting surface onto the rollers. I don't know what they mean by this, but I get the distinct impression I'm doing it wrong.

Can anyone explain what I should be doing?

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I've not used that sharpener, but the for the Minosharp they don't recommend applying any downward force for anything larger than a petty/utility, as the weight of the knife is enough. It doesn't stick or require much push/pulling force though, unless the angle is wrong.

I'd have a look on YouTube and see if there are any videos demonstrating how to use it.

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From left to right:


Pretty much the knife I use 90% of the time. A 210mm Hiromoto Aogami Super gyuto made of carbon steel. I really like it, it kinda feels like an extension of my hand.


An old Global chef's knife that used to be my main knife before my Hiromoto. Tempted to sell it if anyone's interested? 


A Chinese cleaver I use just to mix things up sometimes. I find cleavers quite fun to use.


Another more heavy duty Chinese cleaver which I use for chopping through bone. 


I also have a serrated knife not pictured. I have a load of other random knives too, but I never bother using them. I never pick up my paring knife for example. I would love to buy more Japanese knives if their cost wasn't so prohibitive. Such a beautiful mix of form and function. 


And here is a video of me chopping an onion with my Hiromoto (excuse my skinny ass arms)




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