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Gaming Wish List 2005!

Pixelated Ben

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I'd like:

A sequel to the Chronicles of Riddick - I loved the first one so much, it just HAS to continue. The game was great, the characters are great and the whole Riddick universe is just made for games.

Some cool Half Life 2 mods - Currently trying to mess around a bit with the Source SDK, and it looks promising. Homemade mods and levels might stretch the lifespan of this game forever.

A Prince of Persia game in the style of Sands of Time - Disappointed with the direction Warrior Within has taken, and I hope for a return to form.

On the wish-list are:

0. PSP

Yes! I would gladly trade a testicle for this!

1. Wanda & The Colossus (PS2)

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! What can I say? ICO was brilliant, and this game seems to be heading the same direction. Atmosphere seems to be spot-on, hopefully the gameplay will match it.

2. The new Zelda game (GameCube)

So far it looks great, hopefully it'll deliver and be a worthy follow-up to Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask. After playing, completing and loving the Minish Cap I realised there's still a lot of potential in the Zelda series. Hopefully Nintendo will set out to realise that potential.

3. Conker's Bad Fur Day (Xbox)

Never played the N64 original due to it's price and late release. Looks wonderful and downloading 'The Great Mighty Poo' song made me want this even more.

4. Rainbow Six 4 (Xbox)

The ultimate game on Xbox Live, hopefully this will be just as addictive and sport improved visuals, more varied levels and better enemy AI.

5. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (Xbox)

Another Splinter Cell? Yes please!

-Edit- it seems I missed the PSP ...

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A direct RR4 conversion for PSP (although improved viisuals would be nice). And the original MGS, if possible. Again for PSP.

I'd like Arcade magazine back too.

Wipeout Pure.

Halo:2 Special Edition (Feat: That Final level we forgot about - sorry!)

A new decent Mario game for GC which doesn't have a jetpack and does have a return to the Mushroom Kingdom.

GC Zelda


Getting back to GTA:SA

A magic clock that gives me more time. Since getting a 4 meg Broadband line I'm having trouble fitting everything in.

Oh, and REZ for PSP.

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I'd like:

A sequel to the Chronicles of Riddick - I loved the first one so much, it just HAS to continue. The game was great, the characters are great and the whole Riddick universe is just made for games.

You'll be pleased to know that big Vin has confirmed a sequel is underway. I'm equally as chuffed, just iron out some of the more boring moments, and they're onto a winner.

Other than that:

1: Xbox2 to confirm backwards compatibility

2: A new Spiderman game which actually uses the scope of New York in a GTA like sense

3: More Ratchet & Clank

4: A PS3 KillZone sequel to be confirmed

5: NDS

6: Some new Sega stuff and updates of NiGHTS, SoR, REZ, and of course a new Sonic game

7: True Crime 2. Iron out the graphical bugs and breath life into the city, and I firmly believe it can be a better game than GTA.

8: Someone decent to pick up the Robocop license

9: Blitz to release a new Dizzy game

10: Black to turn out amazing

11: More Ninja Gaiden

12: More Headhunter

13: EA to produce a true EoN sequel

14: Industry working conditions to improve

15: Devil May Cry 3

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What would your three gaming wishes for 2005 be? Mine:

1. A sequel to Beyond Good & Evil

2. The return of Arcade magazine

3. An original, quality FPS game for the GameCube

What are the chances of any of those happening, eh?

Point 3 what about Geist? that looks mighty fine.

OOPS just realised i double posted sorry :( (me bad)

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Steel Battalion 2 Hopefully on the same hardware, i'd like to see a whole new singleplayer campaign, with a whole host of new VT's, weapons, and even 4th and 5th generation machines. I'd like the live support to be hosted on microsoft servers so that it's much easier and lag free to connect and play. I'd also like to see some sort of clan implementation ala Halo 2 as I think it'd be very competitive.

Maybe if capcom released a cut price controller (cheaper parts etc) it would entice more people to buy the game also.

New Treasure Shooter - Project RS3? After playing and finishing both radiant silvergun and ikaruga this year, and not being content with Psyvariar 2/Gradius V enough to warrent playing them as much as I played treasures original titles, i'd like to see a return to form with a game that uses a wholey new and innovative system - preferably akin to RS's complex nature. No matter what platform.

New Super Mario World I'm not talking paper mario or an offshoot in the series ala a 3d superstar saga or such. I'd like to see the whole mario package in golrious 3d, on the gamecube. SM64 managed it wonderfully, and with the GC's power it should have already been done. Sunshine was great, but it was one island. I'd like to see Super Marios World in 128 kthnx.

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2) The PSP to get kicked all over by the DS both content wise and sales wise.

Yes, because the last thing we need is two good handheld consoles, constantly attempting to outdo eachother in the quality of their games and the lowness of their prices. That'd be rubbish.

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