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This Years Beyond Good & Evil


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Too many people dismiss cartoons or animation as something for kids. "Saturday morning cartoons"? I don't watch many of them. I fondly remember the ones I watched when I was young: GI Joe, TMNT, Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles.

Gargoyles (Season 1) '10th Anniversary Edition' has just been released on DVD (R1) BTW


My vote for this year's 'BG&E' is Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.

Xbox version is £15 at play or you can pick up the new PC directors cut version for not much more than that..

Really good game, sold far less than it should have.

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But if you mean a game that's insanely under-rated and not as popular as it deserves, I gotta say Jump to Lightspeed - the SWG Expansion. It's like a brand new X-Wing/TIE Fighter game, but massively multiplayer, and some of the best fun I've had all year. Amazingly good from a technical stand-point too (can walk around on your ships, etc) - yet no one's interested or playing it.

Why do you think that? I'd say 75% of people on my server are playing it and loving it. Try changing server mate - Infinity is where I'm at, but I've also played Bria and Flurry since the expansion and it seems popular there too.

Also, another contender for 'this years BG&E'; a game I stuck on for the first time in months last night and had a riot playing; Red Dead Revolver. Beee-yoootiful. The Spaghetti Western game I always wanted. It's a crime it took me that long to get back to it, 'cos I played it to death for 2 weeks when I first got it.

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