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Max And Paddy And Phoenix Nights


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What is it about these programmes that is so funny? Why is a fat man from Bolton being silly so humorous to you all? I just don't get it I really don't. Peter Kay is about as funny as a racist joke in a curry house, is it his silly yonner accent that makes people laugh and if so why don't they laugh at Vernon Kay as well?

Will someone please explain to me why this sad waste of skin is still on my TV, I can't fathom why everyone else sees a comedy genius and I see a talentless shithouse.

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Max & Paddy and Phoenix Nights aren't very good in my estimation, but as a stand-up comedian he is brilliant. His comic timing and delivery are on a par with some of the best comedians I've ever seen, even if his material isn't the most original in the world.

What's wrong with being silly?

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He seems to be using the same old material over and over. Most of the material from that peter kay thing and his tours seem to be creeping up in max and paddy e.g - 'shaking like a shitting dog' in the last episode.

Funny the first time etc.

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Yeah. Kay has let it slide recently. His stand-up work has faded and Max and Paddy was shite.

Gervais hasn't ever done anything I haven't liked, though.

Oh, and Gervais in real life is a really nice guy.

Kay isn't.

Not that any of that matters.

I think it's worth mentioning the real gem of Phoenix Nights and most of Kaye's career up till now:


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