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*more* Cheap Psps On Ebay


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Is it that cheap - I thought it was about the going rate ? Well he's in UK and claims to have stock in the UK, you'd get protection paying with a Credit card I would presume.

The only vaguely dodgy looking thing is that he hasn't got a massive feedback rating, and has only been a buyer in other auctions.

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Stop debating, you should have realised by now that this is a poor trader. You can't meet him for your safety?

EDIT: I can't believe I actually put a post in this topic. This is positively one of the silliest things I've done on here.

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id wait personally. I mean to be honest id rather be able to play the games in english. And have a PSP that works properly.

Sure i imported a DS but at least it has english txt games.

Games are region-free, dude. But I get your point: a lot of the titles will be Jpn text-heavy. Although Vampire Chronicles isn't. Nor is Lumines. Or Ridge Racers.....

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