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Vagrant Story


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I'm re-buying this tommorow, and it's going to be the only game I play over christmas.

Why? Becuase it's awesome. So awesome infact, it shames nearly all squares ps1 titles (and even ps2 titles) in terms of plot and even graphics. I thought the combat system was nigh on perfect too - real time, with chaining. What a great idea.

Everything seemed so epic, so deep - the voice acting was fantastic, the character design sublime (reminded me of what a real final fantasy game should have looked like at the time), the setting with all those beautiful stained glass windows and green rolling vistas, and some of the monsters were truly huge.

There was one scene which really hit home the emotional affect of this game though (spoiler warning)

Flashback sequence. You're sitting having a picnic with your wife and young son, everything seems perfect, the sky is a perfect blue, your wife smiles at you, stands up and takes a walk. You don't notice as you're pacifying your little boy, but you hear a painful scream turn around in shock to see two men driving a sword through your wifes stomach. Everything paces in a monotone slow motion now, your mind is spinning.

I watched that scene and sat in absolute terror. That's the kind of storytelling that grips and immerses you into giving a shit about what you're doing.

If i'm correct in thinking this is one of the highest rated games in Famitsu? They hit the nail on the head there but in the west I think it's generally overlooked, or worse - forgotten. I'd love to see some kind of remake, or even a story in the vs universe on the ps2/psp.


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I tried to get into this the other day, but gave up after about 2 days as I didn't really have a clue what was going on - even with a Game FAQs guide. That said, I find the whole prospect of starting a new game a daunting prospect these days. I did, finally, manage to start playing Dragon Force on Friday, though. I've barely stopped since. Despite being rather repetitive and not requiring much skill, I'm really enjoying it.

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I loved it apart from the relentless swapping of weapons ALL THE SODDING TIME EVERY DAMN ROOM. If they'd only included an option to set up 6 different "sets" of weapons that you could cycle through at the click of a button (and not via a pissing menu) then I'd have got a lot further.

VS2 and you change weapons with the d-pad, that'd be painfully awesome.

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