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Best Mech!


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I mean, sweet JESUS, that's mecha design perfection.




Makes pilots go weak at the knees. Although, saying that, I have a replay where three Scareface pilots (Me, two other fellas) beat a Jugg, M3 and a Sheepdog :(

(note everyone else walking away from the thread)

edit: <_< @SeanR

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Oh wait, there was a PS2 "game".  Heh, never mind then.  Surely not ALL of them are in it though, huh?

Most were in Transformers Tataki actually <_<

.::: There were multiple.

Ask Cacophanus.


Yeah, that fucking awful piece of Melbourne House shit that made my eyes bleed. Avoid that.

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This thread makes me warm inside.

Seriously, though, a thread asking for PS2 mech/a games which requests customisation, and people don't automatically assume Armo/ured Core? And then reccomend Transformers? Even I can't get behind that, and I love antagonising Cacophanus.

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