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My New Cab


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In a desperate ongoing attempt to keep some semblance of an arcade gaming related presence in this folder here are some pics of my new Astro city cab.



I picked this – the most synonymous sit down cabinet for Japanese arcade gaming – up from Southampton last night in a white transit and, thankfully, everything went pretty smoothly. TJ (from www.killercabs.com) had taken the delivery container of 20 odd cabs- most Hong Kong candy copies - earlier yesterday. There were also two Naomi copies, two genuine Sega New Astro Citys (by far the best imo) and another small, cute looking official Jap cab that I didn’t recognise.

I got it home and into that flat without too much trouble but TJ couldn’t find where the supplier had left all the keys to the cabs so, thus far, I’ve only been able to get into the cab from the back plate.

I’ve had no time to clean her up yet so she’s looking a bit ropey - like the two months on the ocean have done no favours. But the polish and white spirit are ready for later this afternoon when I’m going to get polishing and after a few hours, hopefully it will be looking pretty new.

Slightly disappointingly the control panel is only a three buttoner so I’ll have to order a new six button config from Japan- but there’s easily enough to be getting on with here.


The screen has a slight green mist in the bottom left but nothing that a spot of degaussing won’t clear up in 60 seconds.

The cab has obviously had a full life as there are a few dents and it has the general look of a machine that has done its fair share of Tokyo arcade life. Still- I’m overjoyed with it and its everything I hoped it would be. Seeing an astro in England is such a rare occurrence and the fact I did this for such a relatively small cost has made me a very happy customer.

After its cleaned up I've got a few new carts to try out that I bought in anticipation: Garou: Mark of Wolves; Magical Drop 3 and Mr Driller G being the ones I'm most looking forward to.

I believe TJ is taking orders for the next shipment in a couple of months. If you have andy questions or are generally interested than e-mail myselgf or follow the links on the site.

I’ll post some more pics when she’s all cleaned up.

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c. £400 all in. The HK neo candy copies are cheaper (c £300).

Prices do fluctuate so its best to e-mail TJ direct for an accurate price.

They are the only people I know that import these japanese cabs on a regular basis en masse. If you were to order 1 cab direct from coinopexpress etc then the shipping would be around that figure on its own afaik.

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