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Consolevania 5

Audrey Tautou

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Yeah it was wicked bad. Thanks to everyone who has worked on this and provided it for free, it's a really great thing to do.

The comedy is very good, although you do seem to be eschewing geeky humour in favour of more self-referential stuff, but that's all good - It works!

I felt the reviews were over a bit quickly; I don't think that they were as strong as in previous Consolevanias. The Cabela's Deer Hunt 2005 Season review was excellent though.

So cheers and good luck with the BBC thing.

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It's got to be said, but hats off to Biglime, Dotterel, Astilius etc. for making this each month(ish). They deserve all the success that's coming to them for putting in the effort.

In a spirit of constructive criticism:

The Good Points -

The reviews were good (but maybe a bit thin compared to the previous eps), the shigsy show was great, quite liked Top Gear.

While I think Biglime is the one that seems the most natural in front of the camera, it was good to see the other guy (sorry don't know which forumite that is) getting more screen time for once.

Also liked the opening credits animation - Reminded me of the style of the Clerks Animated Series.

The Bad Points -

You really need an independent editor, someone who can stand back and say 'this bit needs serious pruning' or remove entire sections, without having any emotional attachment to the footage.

Not sure how much of CV is ad-libbed, but the bits that I think are ad-libbed are very hit and miss, while you're always at your best when working to a script. Legend is probably the exception to that rule.

Personal stuff that others may not agree with -

If there's only room for one sick and twisted character in the move to the 25min BBC format, make sure it's Gacy not Hitler. Peter Molyneux was much better than Hitler - funnier and more related to games.

Always concentrate on the reviews first and foremost. In my opinion, they're CVs trump card as you're all very good at them. CV1 is probably the high water mark in this respect, for both the reviews and the intros into them. Get the reviews right and I think people will be willing to let you go off on whatever tangent you desire in the rest of the episodes.

Anyway, thanks. Could've done without the hairy man-@rse, but thanks.

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I didn't like CV5 as much as CV4. I didn't think the comedy bits were as funny. The reviews didn't tell me much that I didn't already know, apart perhaps from the Deer Hunt one. I can do better Clarkson and Grossman impressions.

Diamond was fucking hilarious though.

Can't remember if Molenyeux was in CV4 or 5, but he was fucking hilarious too.

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Big fan of the show, and having now seen 6 eps of consolevania, here are the highlights IMO;

Legends interviews - damn hilarious and never get old

Driv3r review - true, funny...one of the best reviews of anything, ever :o

The Manhunt/Bummed in the Gob/TV bit - Made me wet myself, and also introduced me to these forums :lol:

Any time Kenny beats up the "fat poofs" - Always good to have a resident psychopath on any TV show

All the Gacy stuff - Ignore the haters, the further you push it the funnier it gets :)

The quick-fire retro game clips - Nice to get a quick blast from the past

The top 10 lists - Good fun for those of us who owned the systems in question

Review intros - That Gary Glitter bit was ace :lol:

If you whacked all that stuff into one episode, you'd have a perfect show.

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Any chance of an MP3 of the Legend Rap? It's a classic.

And a low-quality version of the "Nintendo are doomed" number should be placed online, and let loose onto IGN. Just for the fanboy responses. Biglime's gleeful dancing deserves such an audience for it to have its real effect. :P

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Just watched the Christmas special, i'm sure its been pointed out already how much of a rip-off of Biffa Bacon the scene with the long haired guy is. a funnily homage though.

Could have done with more games, I knew there would be a special mention for GTA after seeing people involved with the show discussing it on here. I would have liked a longer review of it in Consolevania style.

I laughed out loud when John Gacy had the corpsse of the kid, and at the ending of the long-haired-guy sketch (even though i knew what was going to happen because I read viz). Hitler missed the spot for me. I hope the less games/ more comedy setup was just for the Christmas special.

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And a low-quality version of the "Nintendo are doomed" number should be placed online, and let loose onto IGN. Just for the fanboy responses. Biglime's gleeful dancing deserves such an audience for it to have its real effect. :P

Well, that'd be *one* way to start an internet cult...

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