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17 Year-old Girl Sues Microsoft And Sony


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A 17 year-old Texas girl has sued Gathering of Developers, Microsoft, and Sony over unsolicited use of (illegal) photos of her topless in new bloke's trivia title, "The Guy Game"

Check out the news report on the FANTASTIC new Pro-G website:


So do you think this could prove to be a big deal? It is, after all, nude photos of an underage girl, which is fairly seriously frowned upon, especially in the times we live in, rife with child pornography scandals.

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I joined Book Club Associates when I was about 14, they sent me some books that I wanted then started sending me loads of stuff I didn't want if I didn't stop them soon enough, and charged me for it. Fair enough, that's their business plan, it's a little cheeky though.

Then I told my Mam that I'd signed a form when I was 14 and my signature didn't count for shit. She phoned them up, account cancelled.

That's the law. She's got a case.

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It is pretty careless of the developers to use pics of her. If they knew she was underage, they should not have used pics, because she isn't old enough to give consent. If they didn't know she was underage, why didn't they? Did she lie about her age, with forged proof of age? If not, the developers do deserve to be taken to task, even if only for carelessness.

Despite what I've just written, I am not taking her side either. She can fuck off too.

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