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Your Personal Three Favourite Albums Ev4r!

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I'm not the only one!!! YAY!!!! I saw them live supporting Sugar at the brixton academy just after this album came out (must be about 12/13 years ago now)

seriously amazing live and a most wonderful album


The first band I truly fell head-over-heels in love with. I heard a session version of 'Swim' on a friend's compilation tape at work and hunted down the album that very night. I loved it and Panic On, geeked out blissfully when I saw and met them at Reading in '94, furrowed my brow a bit over Tragic Magic and was happy again with their final album, Hello June Fool. Now, all there is to look forward to is the occasional Saint Low visit once in a blue moon but nevermind...

Mary's voice = :P

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That Madder Rose album is the aces in all regards. But it doesn't make the top three for today -

Boo Radleys - Everything's Alright Forever


Sometimes, I'll put Giant Steps or Kingsize in here, but unlike those two, EAF doesn't have a duff second on it. It's pure fricking genius from start to finish. What's more, every b-side they released off this album was completely golden too... from the release of the Adrenaline EP in February 1992 until they finished releasing singles off Giant Steps in early 94, the Radleys were the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD. By a fucking mile and a half. EAF gets the nod over Giant Steps because it's got Lazy Day on it, which should be the national anthem.

Anyone know anything about this? Boo Radleys: The Anthology. Out in February, apparently...

Public Enemy - Fear Of A Black Planet


This almost gets disqualified for having Reggie Jax on it, but otherwise it's flawless.

Afghan Whigs - Black Love


All other rock bands are shit.

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Equinoxe? You no think Zoolook or Magnetic fields was better? Saying that, part 4 is really cool so....

Zoolook's a bit disjointed, though it does have an awesome track in 'Ethnicolor'. I just love the way Equinoxe builds up to orgasmic proportions. Apart form 'Band in the Rain' which is a bit of a duffer.

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Bit of a trick question as there's actually five. Good to see you're all nearly getting there. Correct answers below:

Click For Spoiler


Tool - Aenima (3 marks)


Nirvana - In Utero (2 marks)


System of a Down - Toxicity (3 marks)


Danko Jones - I'm Alive and on Fire (5 marks)


Jane's Addiction - Ritual De Lo Habitual (2 marks)

--------------Do not write below this line---------------------------------

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It is a lush album, and it has 3 of my top 5 Eels songs on it, but I still think 'Electro Shock Blues' is the better, more complete "album" album.


It's probably in my constantly changing top 3.

Right now, the other two are:



I think it's between these two for the most mentioned albums in this particular thread, incidentally. They're amazing albums. Rllmukforum.com, you knows it!

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This is painful, but vaguely thought-provoking.

Isn't Anything - My Bloody Valentine

- so effortlessly superior to Loveless it takes my breath away every time.

Pink Moon - Nick Drake

- well, obviously.

Astral Weeks - Van Morrison

- utterly beautiful. It's like a jazz odyssey or something. Sold yet? Heh.

good fucking choices man. all of those albums have stood the test of time and they are all utterly, magically beautiful.


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An easy one this, as my top 3 hasn't changed in years:

1. Moondance, Van Morrisson

2. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Black Sabbath

3. Black & White, The Stranglers

Odd choices perhaps, but ones that are so personal to me that they will probably never be surpassed. Moondance is a classic by anyone's standards, but hit me at just the right time (yes, I'd split up with a bird), Sabs represents "my mates" and it always gets put on in the car, and Black & White represents my perverse liking for something which everyone else hated - a truly "alternative" album, which has continued to weird me out since I was 18.

Bubbling under:

4. The Band, The Band (The Brown Album)

If you'd told me 10 years ago that I'd enjoy country/folk-rock, I'd have laughed in your face. But I do, so there.

5. The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses

I don't listen to it that often anymore, but whenever I do I'm still amazed at the delicate guitar work and the quality of the songs.

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Yes, fantastic choice...

My other two would be

David Bowie - Hunky Dory

By far my favourite Bowie album, just love Andy Warhol, as in holes.

EL-P - Fantastic Damage

This album changed what hip-hop meant to me and made me love it once again.

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Ooooo. I'm going to be so pretentious now.

1. Husky Rescue - Country Falls

2. Sleep Walker - SleepWalker

3. Chungking - We Travel Fast

Those just outside would be Quantic - Mishaps Happening and Crackpot - Shelf Hypnosis.

All subject to change by this time tomorrow.

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