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So, did anyone catch this last night?

I recorded it, and just watched it now - looks like being a great new comedy, I laughed a lot.

Stars Johnny Vegas.

Anyway, it seems to be repeated about 100 times before next week, so WATCH IT!!!

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If you were stupid enough to miss it, you're lucky because being a BBC3 program it is repeated 10 million times:

Fri: 23.30

Sun: 23.30

Mon: 23.00

Tue: 02.25 (late Monday night/early Tuesday morning - as it were)

(well, OK, 4 times)

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3rd one last night. I'm really, really enjoying this show. Surprised that nobody seems to be talking about it.

The trailer on the telly makes it look dreadful. The same thing happened with Peep Show though, since that had a horrible tv ad but turned out surprisingly good. I'll give this a try soon.

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The trailers are awful, I agree.  They make it look a  bit bleak and miserable.

Well, it is a bit bleak and miserable, isn't it?

Just side splittingly hillarious at the same time.

Everyone will watch it when it's been repeated, or will catch the second series, and will ask themselves why the didn't listen to us.

People just seem too scared to watch decent new comedies the first time round.

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mentioned this to outspaced and elmo last night - I loved it, but god it reminds me of a friend of the BF's, spookily so in some ways!

But gonna give Peep show a watch now post the recommendations.

But still do not get shameless!

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Missed the second episode last night, but the first was brilliant - from Nikki's taking over the Psycho Paul Squad to the gardener's over-extended metaphor on life being like the seasons. Can't wait to see how Judith offs Cartoon Head...

That was the second episode, wasn't it?

The first one was the one with the axe/head incident.

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