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Your Own Pics Of Gaming Moments


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Agreed. Great work insin, and MadMich for hosting.

Yay! Go me...

... although I havn't actually done anything*

*yet :(

EDIT: insin - if you can get 'em to me in the next half hour I can get it up tonight else its gonna be Sat morning... or if you email me I could set you up with FTP so you could upload 'em yourself...

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The one on page 4 by Suizid (139) IS Biplane Duel (or Bip)

Just plain old "Biplanes" i'm afraid.

P9, DiscoStu 2, is "Premiere" on the Amiga. (though he's not confirmed it yet).

DiscoStu 3 is "midnight resistance"

P8, zuum, is tempest 2000 if I remember correctly.

P7, identitycrisisuk, is samurai showdown.

P6, rgraves' masterpiece, is the seminal "Adventure" for the atari 2600.

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Are you sure that isn't a screenshot? The bricks and wall are too accurate. did you copy it? If not, amazing!

s'not a screenshot as such, although I do have the original game to hand which makes it much easier, if a little cheeky. It was MSPaint all the way.


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for those who care: mine is supposed to be 'roll or die' on the miggy. It actually has a reporter on the foreground 'motivating' you by shouting "STUPID CRIPPLE!!!" and other not-quite-pc comments at you :(

You needed to get up the mountain by wiggeling the joystick to destruction, but i think the programmers made it impossible to get to the top :D

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