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The Rllmuk Metal Thread


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Seeing Devin Townsend / Fear Factory this Thursday.

I'm going more for FEAR FACTORY but I want to give Townsend a real go, anyone recommend his best albums/songs? I've only got the Ziltoid album

He'll be doing nothing but Devin Townsend Project stuff. If you are into your calm music of CD's you find on teleshopping channels then 'Ghost' is a cracker of an album. But going into his 'Devin Townsend Band' band then Terria and Synchestra are my favourite and would recommend them to anyone.

EDIT: Totally forgot about Epicloud too >_>

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Cult of Luna in the UK next January?


Cult of Luna in the UK next January.

If you're going to the London leg of this tour, get there in time for the support band. Amenra (Belgium) will be there and they are brilliant.

If you're in mainland Europe you might have The Ocean or Abraham supporting. Sick lineups.


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Balls. Devin isn't playing London (possibly due to the Retinal Circus show, even though that was back in October?) so we get FF with Textures next week. I'm hoping that's not sold out as Textures are one of my favourite bands and FF are generally entertaining live if not all that tight.

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FF are generally entertaining live if not all that tight.

Burton can't sing any more, he can bark and growl but singing, he seemed to struggle but it didn't spoil the performance. The guys they've bought in didn't have much presence but never mind. The set was Soul of the Machine/Obsolete/Demanufacture stuff with a few new songs thrown in. Ending on Replica always helps too ^_^

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Top 10 Metal 2012

Man this was waaaay harder than last year. There were SO many great albums that I enjoyed that I wish I this was a top 25. Because of the fact that there were at least 50 albums I listened to and actually liked there was little time for me to really get into some of these releases. If the year counted 600 days this top 10 would've probably looked very very different (I haven’t even had time to listen to the new Sylosis record yet!).

Anyway here goes:

  1. Periphery – II. This Time It’s Personal
  2. Glass Cloud – The Royal Thousand
  3. Thy Art is Murder – Hate
  4. Syqem – Reflections Of Elephants
  5. Parkway Drive – Atlas
  6. Enter Shikari – A Flash Flood of Colour
  7. Being as an Ocean – Dear G-d
  8. Kälter – Ubuntu
  9. To Speak of Wolves – Find Your Worth, Come Home
  10. Heart of a Coward – Hope and Hindrance

Periphery II is by far my favourite album of the year. I absolutely love everything about it which made it the clear #1 choice. I wish I could have put the rest in no particular order though as they’re all great albums haha.

Some honourable mentions go out to:

  • Dyscarnate – And So It Came To Pass
    This got bumped out of my top 10 in favour of Kälter. I already had one Deathcore release on there and while this is a monumental release for Dyscarnate I found myself spinning Thy Art is Murder’s disc more.
  • If These Trees Could Talk – Red Forest
    Probably the best Post-Rock release of the year.
  • Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise
    Lovely dreamy album that showcases some very organic and accessible prog song writing.
  • Mestis - Basal Ganglia
    Why did this have to be an EP. :(
  • Frames - In Via
    Beautiful but this will leave me a broken mess. I only put it on when I know my mood can handle the emotive vibe of this album.

Some letdowns for me were:

  • Make Them Suffer - Neverbloom
  • The Safety Fire - Grind the Ocean
  • The HAARP Machine - Disclosure
  • Elitist - Reshape Reason
  • Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones Part 1

I simply expected different kind of albums and while they were by no means bad releases, they just didn't live up to what I was hoping them to be.

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Aside from Parkway Drive I've never heard of any of those. I'm so stuck in my ways when it comes to metal. I've tried lots of different bits and bobs over this year, but up until Lich King it's been so, so fucking long since I heard something that made me flex like a madman instead of stroking my chin and bobbing my head. This is unrelated to any of the bands you've listed, V1NX, it's just a general statement that I don't seem to find that kind of metal very often. Looking through my list the top two albums of this year for me both have massive riffage, a sense of humour and masses of groove. The list isn't even as long as I thought it was going to be, which has got me down a little bit if I'm honest.

I hope quite a few people list albums, because I could really do with loads of new shit to listen to.

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Yeah, I still need to listen to the new Periphery – they were really good when I saw them in October.

I just had a quick listen to To Speak of Wolves (I'm a sucker for wolf-related band names). Sound rather good! This track reminded me a lot of BTBAM's quieter moments:

Love this track myself.


They even have a song called Stand Alone Complex! Booyah!

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Fuck knows what my list is going to be. This year has been a blur of flat-buying, getting married and FINALLY QUITTING MY SHIT JOB.


In no particular order (and I can't actually think of anything released this year):

Parkway Drive - Atlas

Between the Buried and Me - Parallax Hypersleep II

Burning Love - Rotten Thing to Say

The Sword - Apocryphon

NOFX - Self Entitled

Municipal Waste - Waste In Space

Graveyard - Lights Out

Down - Purple EP

Mainly been listening to old shit I haven't listened to in a while or missed out on first time around.

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