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Resident Evil 4 (spoilers Warning!)


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Well, because you laughed at the name 'Raccoon police dept." told me you haven't played any RE games before. I suppose it can be funny then (picturing a squad of raccoons dressed up like cops). :D

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Had my first major grievance with the game last night

Click For Spoiler
Got to the second Krauser battle (the one where you eventually kill him). Half way through the fight across the rooftops (before you pick up the first bit of the panther stone or whether it is) I got to the hut with a pthway running all the way around it (in a square shape).

So I follow the emerging pattern of shooting Krauser with the shot-gun then popping off two magnum bullets to the face: he gets out the flash grenade and disappears. Now, rather than run on to the next section I decided this was a good place to take him out so I run around the hut clockwise. Krasuer appears again and I rinse repeat the same move til he disappears in a flash grenade. Run back around the hut anti clockwise and he appears again. I keep doing this maybe ten or twelve times until I’ve used all my rifle and magnum ammo, all my grenades and most of shotgun rounds. Thinking to myself: blimey this is tough for the kids…

At this point I decide to run on to the next area, as maybe I’m not meant to kill him in this spot. Turns out I was right as the next cut scene triggers.

Most frustrating as I had to restart from my last save as I now had no ammo. Silly glitch that should have been removed long before it got to pressing…
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I'm sure this has been mentioned here on one of the previous 100+ pages but here goes anyway. On the second play through I'm fully tooled up from the end of the first game obviously, so I have no need to get the freebie punisher but I keep shooting the blue medallions anyway.

So just before the salazar battle I talk to the trader and there's the punisher for gratis. So I get the gun for free and then sell it straight back to him for 10,000 ;)

Whizzing (well going a bit faster) through the second play through. Up to 5.3 with about 9 hours on the clock.

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RE4 Stats

Hit Ratio: 72%

Enemies Killed 929

Number of times Killed 40

Clear Time: 18:57'57"

What a game. What a HUGE game. I think it's one of the largest games I've played. Surely Halo 2 and MGS:SS, MGS:SoL were smaller /took less time to complete. Another very nice aspect about this game is that, although it's huge, you hardly have to back track and revisit old locations in the process of playing. Every new section is it's own and shows the great amount of work that has gone into making this game from the art department.

Absolutely fantastic experience. It got really scary when those mummy like fuckers started appearing. I think I could have increased my TNE by 4/5 if I had turned of the cryogenic freezer (obviously didn't have the guts)...but was also very short of .45 magnum ammo.

The gameplay's fantastic...would recommend the game solely based on the game play. Story isn't as epic or exotic as the likes of MGS, Zelda Ocarina OT etc but I guess that's down to taste really.

Graphically the game is competent but nothing more. I've recently had to defend these views to the likes of Rushy (he thinks they is the dogs bollocks) but I don't think they are as revolutionary or impressive as say, when Halo came out, MGS:SoL etc, Goldeneye, Shenmue etc. very similar to Metroid Prime, however competent is more than enough imo. Enemy characters were one of the best I've seen for a very long time (better than Halo 2 imo) and the texture detail in the game is the best I've ever seen. The village/church at the beginning totally captures the atmosphere the game is suppose to convey. Also, the midgets' (Sallazar/dan?) condo was very impressive in terms of presenting the opulence/luxury etc.

One thing I liked very much about the game is the ability to go back and forth through save points. Probably taken for granted in this time and age but definitely a plus.

Having played Ico & PoP recently I don't think the puzzle difficulty measure up but I think this is a predominantly weapon heavy 3rd person shooter and I took the option of blasting my way through the game. I also took a bit of an easy option as I used the rocket launcher for nearly every boss. One negative note or hindrance was that you can't purchase ammo. This proved more annoying than tragic as it forced me to think about my weapon choice and how I dispose of the enemies.

Would love to give a copy of this to my brother but unfortunately being a wee 12yr I don’t think it'd be is cup of tea.

Click For Spoiler

Much recommended...7/10. I give it a 7 because as much as it is a solid experience I don't think the story is anything exceptional. Don’t get me wrong, The plot is fantastic, but the overall story isn't something I'll be remembering for long. A bunch of weirdo zombie like terrorists take the US president's daughter hostage in an attempt to inject her with a contagious viral serum. All in the greater goal of taking over ze world? please. It's not even proper fantasy or credible, just some weird shit. Mind you the disclaimer in the end credits gave me a chuckle-raccoon police department ;)

Oh my.

What games do acheive the lofty target of say.. 8 out of 10? I always did think ocarina of time was a shit story compared to the hidden fortress... thats like 7/10 right there.

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Playing it thru now for the 2nd time and i'm at the end of 5-3 and its taken me 7hrs

not trying a speed run - just trying to get serious money in the bank and making sure i find all the gems to upgrade and sell and even thou i've not sold the gems yet i've got around 1.6million in the bank

lining up to buy the infinite launcher - once i complete it again going to try mercenaries a little bit more and play it thru on pro

this time thru being a bit cockey - like taking on both el gigantes instead of killing one quickly but the exclusive butterfly is pretty powerful

also killed the left hand monster as well this time thru

tis a great game and i'm even buying the euro resi pack

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It's been mentioned/asked before but is this some kind of a record? 115 pages of discussion on a game that's yet to receive a PAL release?

I've never started a thread that has gotten so much replies. B)


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is there gonna be a new thread for the pal release cos Id hate to have to wade through this to be able to talk about it

Lead, and we will follow.

I thought I was the only person waiting for the PAL release, and the last person to play it.

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We are going to do a Resident Evil 5, of course, but as for exactly what it will be like... that's something we're busy thinking about right now.

The fourth game] is the start of a new storyline. In other words, when you think of it that way, then it's safe to say that RE5 will naturally proceed from where RE4 left off.

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Quick question

I have the Punisher has my handgun

should I ditch it for the red handgun (cant remember the name)

It looks like a German gun

Ditch it for the Red 9. Then when you have the money buy something like the Killer 7 for boss encounters. Superb.

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I've never read all the way through a 116 page topic before. That's love for a game right there.

I got this way back in January with all the rest of you lot, then my daughter came along so I've only just had chance to finish it.

Again, the fact you can very easily jump back in a game like this is yet another part of it's brilliance. I tried to go back to REmake after a few weeks off and I was totally lost.

Anyway, sorry if my gushing about this is all a bit late, but for me, this is it - it's the best game I've ever played. From the first stunning opening moments, until the very end... and then the superb bonus's bits afterwards.

The quality of the bosses is just stunning, each one could easily be the end game boss in anything else. Every step of the way I just had those "whoa" moments, when you just have to take stock and look at whats happening.

I have to say I'm surprised at the (albeit small) amount of whining about the merchant. Just reading through this shows how it's made the game more diverse. Some people going with Mine launchers, others with Red9's. Some tuning, others not - some people going after the treasure. To me it really shows how fantastic it is that a game can be done in so many ways.

Personally at the end I had a fully upgraded Riot Gun, Blacktail, TMP, and semi-auto rifle. With the broken butterfly not quite customized all the way up.

In no other game have I wanted to get straight in and start again, and going through the second time with you weapons intact makes you feel like some sort of uber-soldier... it's great. I just need to come up with 1,000,000 for the CT and I'm super happy.

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My Gamecubes out of action for the moment, has been for about a month now and I really can't wait until I can stick this on again and delve back into it(hopefully next week). That it holds up well after a long absent spell is good news, but I sort of knew that anyway from my sheer anticipation levels.

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What weapon are you using against him?

Yeah I've just got to the second boss area and so far I haven't killed a single chainsaw guy. Was blasting away with the shotgun in the first village set piece and the chainsaw guys kept on getting back up. Can they be killed?

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