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Resident Evil 4 (spoilers Warning!)


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Just got to Chapter 3 - 1

sold all my weapons to the merchant and bought:

Blacktail/Riot Gun/Rifle (Semi-Auto). Feel like Arnie now

Those Monks with sheilds were a tad of a suprise, couldn't beleive it when we saw them.

The section where you have to piggyback Ashley up onto the platform

to do the levers was amazing and got the old heart pounding, talk about stressful. Nine hours in.

This game is truly superb, read all the gushing reviews before it came out and thought it was just hype [mainly down to not really getting in any of the other RE games], but Im just astonished at the well polished gameplay and lust graphics. Im glad I dusted off the Cube and bought this.

Kudos to Capcom

couldn't work out out to do Spoiler tags, so sorry if you can read the yellow text without highlighting it ;)

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