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Text Adventure

Hello Goaty ♥

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I take it you guys know you can play Hitchhiker's online...


Forgotten how shit text adventure games could be for a moment there.


You stumble into the wall.

Yes because when you're hungover you can't walk through a doorway, not even if your life depended on it, and how many instant deaths can you have when you're just trying to work out what's going on?

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I've tried to flick through the last couple of pages to get the just of it and nobody mention the latest in text adventure is mobile based.

look here:


The game is location based. instead of typing 'go west' you physically have to go to the next room. Or walk down the road. It's all very clever, abit gimmicky like the solar powered gameboy game.

Maybe there are golds in those hills of text adventure yet.

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Does anyone remember the gangland-inspired gem that was "Dodgy Geezers" on the Spectrum?

Recruit a gang of east-end gangster types and pull a job, all the while trying to avoid the dreaded guy in the gucci shoes.

Best of all if you got stuck you could turn the tape over and listen to the theme song by Chas and Dave, which would give you clues on how to proceed.

Now that was a text adventure.

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I was thinking of 9:05 the other day. It's just one clever idea, but that idea is magnificent.

it reminded me of the subway in silent hill

the first time you will end the game, game over, and the second time you use the knowledge to do somethng different, but the options open to you in the game don't change one bit

So yeah, a game ought to steal that concept and use it at the start of a game, or at least more should be coming up with their own ideas of how to use interactivity to tell a story, because it's pretty pathetic at the moment.

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