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James Hamilton

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I know this is a little bit of a pointless thread, but what the hey. What are your top five most anticipated games in the coming year, and why?

In no particular order, mine are as follows:

Yoshi's Touch N Go [DS] - Looks set to be the (metaphorical) Super Mario 64 for the DS.

Resident Evil 4 [GC] - This has been very high on my most wanted list ever since I played the E3 demo last June at the London press event.

Mercury [PSP] - Looks fantastic, one of the only truly innovative games I have seen for PSP. Provided I'm able to get a PSP, I shall definately be picking this up.

Conker: Live and Reloaded [XB] - I loved the N64 version far too much to miss this.

The Legend of Zelda [GC] - We all love Link, we do.

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Resident Evil 4


Ridge Racers

Metal Gear Solid 3

Ace Combat 05

Hve to agree with you there on those 5

Although I am currently playing through MGS3 and have Resi4 waiting for me at home.

Just wondering what the rest of they year will bring though.

Although have a DS and a PSP to buy games for as well ;)

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Splinter Cell 3:

Co-op looks amazingly good fun. All the fun of being a spy in multiplayer (and then some) plus no boring Mercenaries to play as afterwards. The graphics also look teh lush.


If this does turn out to be a first-person shooter with all the freedom of Elite then I'm sold. I like the moodiness and depressing greyness of it (no, really).


Another FPS with all capitals for its title. Watched the E3 video and I'm now convinced.

Day of Defeat Source:

The most atmospheric and realistic FPS covered in lovely Source physics and stuff. Perfect.

Battlefield 2:

Looks better than the last one. I liked the last one. I want this one.

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Hmm, much as I hate list threads, I couldnt bring myself to just say 'Duke Nukem Forever' 5 times. So, a more interesting response instead:

Okami - Looks fantastic, both stylistically, and in a gameplay sense. I want more details, and a US release please ;)

Wanda to Kyozou / ICO 2 - hewj promise, if its half as good as Ico I'll be very happy.

Metal Gear Solid 3 - I only realised the other day that I really enjoyed the first two MGS games, and that I am actually really looking forward to this one too. Edge's review got me all excited for it too.

Resident Evil 4 - Finally, some progression. Hopefully a new direction for survival horror games.

Final Fantasy XII - because Im an RPG hoe

I had trouble whittling the list down to five, honourable mentions to Another Code, STALKER, Xenosaga 2, Suikoden 4, the new GC Zelda, DMC3, GT4, and probably a hundred other games I just cant remember at the moment.

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Zelda (GC): Because it's a new Zelda and I'm a self confessed Zelda whore.

Fire Emblem (GC): I've loved everything Intelligent Systems have done in recent years, and this should be no exception.

Starfox Assault: I'm really looking forward to some good old Starfox action, the new screens and movies make it look very good.

RE4: It's been getting glowing reviews and I've been a fan of the series from the PSX days, so I'm looking forward to this one.

Oddworld Strangers Wrath (XBOX): I'm hoping for a return to form on this one from the Oddworld folks, and the reviews and feedback have been hugely positive so far.

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FF3 - See first entry. After decades(?) there's a translation of this.


Please elaborate, and if possible, link me up with a source ;)

edit: nevermind. So, on the DS huh? I doubt they'll do anything useful with the touchscreen really. [edit 2: wowser, a map sceen]

Ive not been anticipating a translated FF3 for a long time after I picked up a story synopsis a while back - and its more basic than FF1, apparently.

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Other than Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Yoshi's Touch & Go, I'm looking forward to there being some kind of MMORPG available for Xbox Live, as I'm about to get broadband and have never used it before. There has to be one available SOMETIME, right?

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Not that much at the moment to be perfectly honest, I already have Resident Evil 4 ;)

Okay, so I'm interested to see how Yoshi's Touch & Go turns out. I'm also dying to see what the DS has in store for this year. Actually, while we're talking about the DS the release of Metroid Prime Hunters can't come soon enough! I've never played the demo, and I'm really curious as to how well it controls.

I guess I'm still kinda interested in Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945 for the PC, just because I was following it through last year. The sniper rifle is the single coolest weapon of all time, and games never give you enough ammo to have loads of fun with them. It'll probably be shit, but I'm still looking forward to see how it does turn out. It doesn't look that good at all, but like I said- the sniper rifle is ace.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. looks nice, but I can't say the premise grabs me in any way. It just sounds pretty uninspiring, and I can't see it being anything other than a poor man's Half-Life 2. Still, I have an open mind and hopefully it'll turn out to be great!

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The only thing I'm looking forward to which has a concrete release date is Resident Evil 4.

There are still too many games from 2004 and earlier that I want to play (Pikmin 2, Metroid Echoes and Paper Mario head up that list). This will be made worse when I bring my PS2 back home with me in February, as I've only gone as far as Rez and Disgaea with it. P'oh, I forgot about the PS2 - you can add MGS 3 to my looking-forward-to list.

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MGS3 - Bit of a no brainer really, been waiting for it since I stabbed Solidus.

GT4 - I want to play this thoroughly, a lot more than can be said for the others I played.

DOAU - Fan of the series, out this Friday too.

Resident Evil 4 - Another no brainer really. The enormous hype may prove a problem, it usually does.

Nintendo DS - No wait, I'm cheating here...um Mario64 DS then.

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Wanda & The Colossus (PS2) - Looks like magic, and I adored Ico...

Mercury (good excuse to get the PSP ;) ) - Superb looking, interesting concept and I usually like MacLean's games so I have high hopes for this.

Conker Live & Reloaded (XB) - Played the demo and loved it. Missed the N64 version, so it's all new and fresh to me.

The Legend Of Zelda (GC) - I love the Zelda series, but hated the Wind Waker. Hopefully this game will deliver again.

Resident Evil 4 (GC) - Not a fan of the series, but everyone is so enthusiastic about this that it has to be something special -EDIT- Preordered a copy at play.com just now ... using the affiliate link ofcourse :P

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Bioshock - though I'm not sure if this is going to be released this year.

Stella Deus


Advance Wars DS


Honourable mentions go to Age of Empires 3, Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2, Resident Evil 4, Starfox assault, Yoshi's touch and go, FEAR, STALKER, Boiling point: Road To Hell, Nightwatch, SWAT4....the list goes on

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